Monday, March 30, 2015

Who Do You Think You Are?

We are often so bogged down with everyday life that we often forget who we are. More importantly we often forget Who's we are. I recently discovered exactly who I am. When my eyes were opened it was like turning on the lights in a dim room. I could see in the room, but suddenly more clearly when the lights came on.  Isn't that how God works though, suddenly?

I am the daughter of the Most High God! I am an heir, royalty. I am a princess to the King of Kings, joint heir with the Prince of Peace. Now, before you start to wonder about me know this; so are you. Have you any idea who you are?

... for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light. ~1 Peter 2:9, NLT

Maybe you've been told by others what they think you are. And maybe those names weren't very kind. Maybe those names and those words hurt you to the core. I understand that. I've heard them too by many different people. And I once believed them. But I don't anymore, no sirree. I don't believe them anymore because it was revealed to me exactly who I am and what my purpose is.

You see, although I suffered in depression and intimidation for over forty years, God healed me of all that. But it took nearly three years after the healing for me to actually realize who I am in Christ. Oh lovelies, don't think that I had it all together when I got healed. I had a lot together, but not all of it. I still don't and I won't have until I finish my race on earth. None of us will. But I'm on a good start.

I've also written a book about my healing journey in my new book, Walking Healed.* It's a journey that has taken me on an adventure to discovering who I am in Christ. A journey of forgiveness, grace and hope. And it's a journey that you can come along with me. Find out how you can be healed and discover who you are in Christ.

God wants you to know how crazy He is for you. He wants you to know that He loves you and wants to heal you, prosper you, and that He has a purpose for you. Let me tell you, once you discover who you are in Him you'll discover your purpose. You may already know what it is, or maybe you think you do but it isn't clear. It will be very soon. 

Discovering who you are in Christ is a liberating adventure. You have confidence. You are calm. You are joyful, happy, loving. You have more self-esteem. You even carry yourself differently. You smile more. People notice. I love knowing who I am in Him. It's been a fun adventure and it's not over yet. How about joining me?

* You can find Walking Healed at the link below, or the one in the right column.

Monday, March 2, 2015

All Gone

Scripture Memory Journey #5

I was thinking about what verse to use this time for the Scripture Memory Journey. But then I thought about something someone told me about their recent healing and I realized that there are so many who could be walking healed if they only realized that their past is gone. That's when I found this verse: 
Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. ~Galatians 5:24, NLT

Wow. When I read that verse it occurs to me that everything I’ve ever done, everything in my past has been nailed to the cross and crucified (killed, destroyed, vaporized). It’s gone. So why do some of us still suffer? Why do we battle with things we asked God to forgive us for? Because as humans, we can’t let go of the past.

When God healed me of depression, intimidation, and the things that were holding me down He destroyed them. He forgot about them. He made me a brand new person inside and out. I walked around for several days afterward feeling really weird, like there was a hold inside me, like I had lost a tremendous amount of weight. And all of that is true! Because when God healed me He removed all those ugly things that were suffocating me, the depression, the lies, the insults, the bullying, anxiety, low self-esteem, regret, sins, and everything else that was tying me down preventing me from becoming who He designed me to be.

I came out of that encounter with Him a brand new person. Now don’t misunderstand, I was a Christian. I was saved. But for way too long I let others dictate who I was. I wasn’t living in the freedom that was given to me the night I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. No one ever told me that I was truly free! All I knew was that I wasn’t going to hell when I died, and even that was doubtful in my mind.

The enemy is very sneaky about these things. If he can place a doubt in your mind, or place someone in your life who can create misery, he will use that against you to prevent you from becoming the overcoming conqueror that you are.

But you’re so much more than that! You are more than you know. All the things you’re going through you have freedom from. You have the power to overcome. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you belong to Christ Jesus, then all those things have been nailed to the cross and are dead. So don’t try to pluck them back off and carry them around!

You may be thinking that it sounds so easy. You might think well, you don’t understand what I’m going through. You don’t understand what I’ve lost. You don’t understand my life. No, I sure don’t. And you don’t understand mine. But Jesus does. And He died for yours and for mine and they’re gone, my lovelies. They. Are. Gone! The only thing holding you back is you.

Stop listening to the enemy today. Stop allowing others in your life to tell you these things “run in the family” or that this is “your lot in life.” It isn’t! You can rise above it. You can overcome it. Read the verse again from The Message;

 Legalism is helpless in bringing this about; it only gets in the way. Among those who belong to Christ, everything connected with getting our own way and mindlessly responding to what everyone else calls necessities is killed off for good—crucified. ~Galatians 5:23-24, The Message

When we listen to man made rules about God, when we start thinking we can’t be close to Him because of our past, or things we’ve done, or things others tell us, then we’re not focused on God but on things of the world. We have to stop and refocus our priorities.

Your past is gone. If you have asked God to forgive you, your sins are gone. Nailed to the cross with Jesus and crucified, once and for all.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Join the Walking Healed Book Launch Team

Hi, Friends!

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Do you blog? How about Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn?

I need your help.

In just a few short weeks my first book, Walking Healed is being released. Here's a blurb about it:

"Sometimes...we have to get to a certain point in our lives where we are actually ready for God to use us. And God has to get us to that certain point in our lives when the clay is ready for the Master's hands. I was at that point the night God healed me."
~ Shelley Wilburn, excerpt from Walking Healed

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you weren't suffering depression, intimidation, or even verbal or mental abuse? Depression is a very real issue for many people. It causes health issues, affects relationships, marriages, your weight, and even your walk with the Lord. Many people don't understand that even Christians suffer depression. Shelley Wilburn knows and understands a life lived in the "black hole" of depression and intimidation. She suffered it for over forty years. She also knows what it's like when God heals you from it all, sending you on a wonderful journey of walking healed.

In Walking Healed, Shelley uses personal stories and biblical truths to encourage others and experience the hope that she walks in every day. She uses her story of healing to help others know that even depression is curable and that "nothing is impossible with God."

Walking Healed
A Journey of Forgiveness, Grace, and Hope

I'm looking for people to join the book launch team, making a commitment to share statuses, tweet, blog, review, and create general buzz about Walking Healed on and around the release date (to be announced).

If you are accepted as a team member, here are the benefits:

1. A free, electronic review pdf of the book in advance of the publication date.
2. A chance to win prizes! (I'll do a special giveaway once a week for several weeks during promotion).
3. Access to me and other team members in a Private Facebook Group.
4. A thank you link to your blog or website from my blog.
5. A guest post slot here on my website.

Team member requirements:
* A four week commitment to spread the word about the book online (the four weeks needed will probably start March 1st)
* Blog about the book, do a review, or a giveaway, or a Q&A with me on your site.
* Read and review the book online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, etc...)
* Interact with the rest of the WH team and participate in the community to help come up with promotion ideas.


Fill out the form below, submit it, and I'll contact you regarding details.

Also, share this post with other bloggers/social media friends who may be interested in joining in the fun!

Finally, leave a message letting me know you want to help out!

Thanks so much!! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

One Confident Momma
My daughter-in-love, Rhiannon has joined the writing world. I say that with all pride and awe because our newest grandson is now five months old and Rhiannon not only takes excellent care of him, but she also takes care of our son Logan and their home, and she's a fourth grade teacher. Blogging is just another notch in her lip gloss case (yes, I said lip gloss; my daughter-in-love is sparkly) but I'm also humbly proud because I got to help introduce her into the writing world.

One Confident Momma is the name of her website. She talks about becoming a new momma, how she felt, how she acted, and even the difficulties and fears she faced after having Handsome, as she calls him in her posts. He may be her Handsome, but he's Nonney's "Little Sweetness."

In One Confident Momma, new mommy's, seasoned mommy's, and even we grandma's (Nonney in my case) can get uplifting, inspirational messages, laugh at the antics of the baby (and the daddy), and if you're seasoned as I am, you can remember going through these things as well. You can even leave comments to encourage and support the confident mommas who follow the website!

Using personal stories, biblical truths, and a little bit of humor Rhiannon's One Confident Momma all in herself. But trust me when I say this, and she will tell you as well, she received her confidence from her heavenly Father, Who gives her the confidence she needs to be the momma that she is.

There are many MIL's and DIL's* who don't have good relationships. I find that so sad because this relationship shouldn't be one of competition. It should be one of love, nurturing, and a friendship that is strong enough to last a lifetime. If you don't believe me read the story of Ruth and Naomi in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Take notes. Learn from it. Trust me on this; if you want a relationship like that with your daughter-in-love, learn from the best mother-in-law, Naomi. Pray for your own daughter-in-love. Talk to her. "Older women teach the younger women!" 

These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God. ~Titus 2:4-5, NLT

Yes, Rhiannon married my baby boy. What mom doesn't want her son to have the best? What mom doesn't want to let go of her son, especially the baby? But I let go of him, knowing that I was gaining a daughter. Rhiannon and I talk about everything, we laugh, we cry, and I know I probably say and do things that make her mad. But I also know that she knows I only say things to her because I've been there, not because I'm trying to tell her what to do. And because she's One Confident Momma, she lets me talk. Then she makes her own decisions. And that's okay!

I hope you'll check out and support One Confident Momma. You can find her at the following link:

*MIL = Mother-in-law, DIL = Daughter-in-law, or daughter-in-love

Monday, February 16, 2015

Double Portions

Scripture Memory Journey #4

It's time for another installment in our Scripture Memory Journey. I hope you all are finding some good Scripture to memorize and I hope you'll share them in the comments below.

I was searching for a verse for this time, and wouldn't you know that this month's came just after Valentine's Day. Plus, the day to post fell on Sunday and church was awesome! So I didn't get to my memory verse until today. But that's okay. Better late than never!

This month, I found comfort in Isaiah 61:7.
Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours. ~Isaiah 61:7, NLT

There are many people today who are living in shame for one reason or another. Whether we were put there by our peers, family, or someone we don't even know, shame can leave deep scars that last a lifetime. 

But God, ever faithful that He is, promises to give us a double share of honor, prosperity, and everlasting joy in place of the shame that we've lived in. We don't have to live in that state of embarrassment, shame, being uncomfortable, or even feeling like we don't belong. Because in God's eyes, we belong to Him and we are more than enough because of the blood of Jesus.

We may have been dishonored by our friends. We may have been neglected or shunned by family members. No matter what has happened to us in the past, God wants to take all of that and give us honor. He wants to prosper us, to give us more than we ever dreamed possible. He wants to give us such joy that we can't contain it.

How confused do you think that makes the enemy when those he has tried to destroy come out smiling and have more than they started with? Our lives are worth more than we ever imagined. It's not about "what's in it for me." It's about the blood of Jesus making us righteous in the sight of God. It's about Him pulling us up out of the slimy pit of neglect, depression, abuse, and all those other things that make us feel icky. 

I'm not where I am today because I did anything spectacular. Instead, I'm where I am today because Jesus did something spectacular when He went to the cross for me. But then, He also rose from the dead; for me. Oh, but that's not all! Because after He went back to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to guide me and help me along with my life. I may not have known or accepted that real quick, but He did it for me over two thousand years ago so that when I was ready He would be waiting for me.

Oh dear lovelies, don't you know that He's waiting for you, too? He is. He's always been there. Waiting. Waiting to give you double your portion of honor, prosperity, joy, happiness, and all the wonderful promises that He mentions in His Word.

There is no more shame for you dear one. No more. You are someone new, bought at a high price. You can exchange your shame today. All you have to do is lay it down and leave it. God will take care of the rest.

*Leave a comment with your Scripture verse in the box below. Don't forget to sign your name!

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