Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Caffeine & the Holy Spirit

Standing in the parking lot, in the sun, heat beating down upon us, I told my a man. A man who understood what I was saying...because we were talking about the Lord. I was telling my story of healing to the guy who had just put fourteen boards in the back of my truck. I was on an errand to the lumber yard for my husband and son, who were waiting for me to return with their supplies. But the supplies would have to wait because the door opened on opportunity, and it didn't even have to knock. It was cracked just a little and I segued myself right through the crack, bursting the door on its hinges and went through.

I had been standing just inside the lumber yard's open building, waiting for the guy to pull the boards from the second floor loft, hand them down to the first floor, and prop them on the wall. I then had to wait for him to come back down from the second floor to pick the boards up and load them into the back of my truck. As he came toward me, he smiled and said, "I really appreciate a patient woman."

"Thank you! That's a learned behavior." We both laughed at that.

"You're right about that."

"I wasn't always like that. This (meaning my patience) is a gift from God."

He smiled. "Yes, it is." I told him that I was once someone else entirely. Then I segued right into my testimony of healing from the Lord. He stopped and gave me his undivided attention. As I began to speak, I said to him, "What I'm about to tell you may be hard to believe, but I assure you, it was all God." He encouraged me by letting me know that he was raised in church and that he was fully aware of what the Lord was capable of doing. So, encouraged and motivated, I continued. And we both were blessed as the result.

How exciting it is to stand and testify of the Lord's goodness, His healing, and His miracles! Before I went into the lumber yard to order those supplies I had been listening to praise & worship music, sipping on a diet coke. Now, I have all but stopped drinking diet coke. So I haven't really had much in quite a while (since May 30, 2012). When I started to shake while giving my testimony, I thought it might be the caffeine causing them. I was wrong. 

Never mistake the touch of the Holy Spirit with the effects of caffeine. There is a definite difference! The caffeine wasn't having an affect on me. Not by a long shot. Or any shot! The Holy Spirit however, was all over me and not only was I shaky, but I was excited, happy, joyful, might say I was a regular ball of electricity. Every time I tell someone about the night God healed me, this is what happens. 

My point to all this is that when the Holy Spirit gets a grip on you, you will NOT forget it! It's electrifying! Then the next time He's encouraging you, you'll remember that touch. You know the touch of your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends. But the touch you'll remember the most, that will affect you the most, is the touch of the Holy Spirit.


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