Monday, June 18, 2012

Take Off Your Mask

Is your life a masquerade? Have you been oppressed for so long that you're living behind a mask, not even knowing who you are anymore? I was like that, too. For years I lamented over "wish I could's" and "what if's," never knowing that there was something wonderful lying just under the surface. The problem was that I didn't know how to tap into it and bring it forth to move myself forward. In addition to that, quite frankly, even if I could tap into it, I was scared to death of what would happen if I did! Who was going to get mad? Who was going to confront me? On, and on, and on...

The night that God healed me and delivered me of those many years of oppression though, everything that was lurking deep within me came flooding to the surface. And guess what? It was everything that I already knew, everything that I am, and everything that I've always wanted to more! I found things within me that I had no idea that I was capable of doing. All of a sudden, I could look people in the eye, I could speak to people without fear, I could smile again, and laugh. I could write with a flowing power that had eluded me before. But the most amazing thing that I discovered was that I had a compassion for people and could actually talk to them without fear. I was finally able to take off the mask I had been wearing for years, break it, and get rid of it. I don't need it anymore.

What kind of mask are you wearing? Is it one of fear? Oppression? Depression? Verbal and mental abuse? Whatever mask you're hiding behind, let God remove it from you! When you go to Him, fully trusting Him and allowing Him to heal you from the inside out, He will remove that mask you wear and crush it, never to be worn again! I promise you that! God knows the real you. He made you! And He has a purpose for you. The enemy has had you in so much turmoil, using the very people you know and love, to keep you down and keep you from being the wonderful you that God made you to be! I know. I've been there. And now I'm out, and I'm throwing you a lifeline. Grab on, we'll move forward together! 

I'm not saying that you'll never come under attack again from your oppressors. But here's the really cool part: When God heals you, those attacks will roll off you as if you're covered in some kind of anti-adhesive. Because you are! Jesus has covered you and has become your protective sealant. Those fiery darts thrown at you from all sides just bounce off. Of course you can hear them. You may even feel them hit you. But they have no affect on you anymore, because when God fixes something...He does it up right! So let the enemy try. He won't succeed. Because if you truly accepted the healing of God, there isn't a person anywhere who can put a mask back on you!

Welcome to the REAL you! Mask free!


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