Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who Is Shelley?

Looking at an "About Me" post written by my friend Patty, I started to wonder about my "About Me" post. I didn't have one. I needed one. But what could I say that didn't sound like I was bragging on myself, or copying off her? So here I was, still without an "About Me" post. Does anyone even WANT to know about me? Where do I start? In Walt Disney's animated movie, Alice in Wonderland, Alice is at a tea party with the Mad Hatter and Marsh Hare. They have just asked her to explain why she's having trouble and they both advise her, "Start at the beginning...and when you come to the end... stop!" I think I'll start there. Anyone got any tea?

Okay here are some silly, and serious (maybe) things about me. Who is Shelley? 
     The real Shelley...

  • an extent. (stop snickering, it's true)
  • Loves Disney movies 
  • Loves my kids 
  • Adores my grand boys! Radley and Abraham are the loves of my life.
  • Married to Don (DA) for a LONG time now.
  • Hates noise (loud or otherwise)
  • Loves the Lord!
  • Loves the mountains, music (all kinds, almost), and motorcycles. 
  • Loves wearing mismatched socks.
  • Favorite season is Fall
  • Favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Okay, Halloween, too...but only because I also like candy.)
My broom stands alone!
  • Okay, my family says that secretly I like Halloween because I can legally fly on my broom. Not so! (I can fly on it any time I want to...I just choose not to) *wink
  • Hates housework
  • Is a junk-food junkie
  • Loves jammy days
  • Will make a special trip to Sonic for a large unsweet tea with blackberry flavoring (then add 2 pkts of Stevia) ~ It's my "Magic Power Drink"
  • Likes to make people laugh.
  • Loves writing, obviously.
  • Procrastinates too much.

Okay, there it is. Hmm...looks like a lot. But it's a start. On a serious note though, I was saved when I was about 17 (a year before I got married). But I didn't start learning about God for about 17 more years, and even then didn't start really serving Him until the year 2000. But the BIG CHANGE didn't occur until He healed me of the many years of oppression and hurt and depression which happened on May 30, 2012. At which time I decided to get serious about writing. Because I have been writing since I was 12 years old. I never realized that God wanted me to use that gift to tell others about Him, or even that my story may just help someone else. I know now!

I don't have a professional bio blurb.* Probably because I don't have a professional agent wanting a professional bio blurb from me! That might be a blessing in disguise. *wink* One of these days though, who knows? 

*Okay, it's been four years since I wrote my About Me post and I still don't have a professional agent wanting a professional bio blurb from me. However, I do have a professional editor who asked for an Author Bio from me during the publishing of my first book, Walking Healed. *insert large, surprised eyes and face here* So I wrote one, then re-wrote it, the re-re-wrote it and came up with the following. You'll see it in my books.

Shelley Wilburn was born and raised in West Frankfort, Illinois. She began writing when she was twelve years old. She has written several articles and devotions for various newspapers, women's magazines, and newsletters. In addition to writing, Shelley is also an avid reader, book reviewer, blogger, and speaker. Using her love of writing, motorcycle riding, and wearing mismatched socks, Shelley has developed a unique ministry of encouraging others using biblical truths and stories from her own personal life. Shelley is married to her high school sweetheart D.A. and together they have celebrated over thirty years of marriage. They have three grown, married children and three grandsons.


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