Friday, July 27, 2012

Empty Nesters? Are you kidding!

After 29 years of marriage and raising three kids, we have come to the point in our marriage journey of having an empty nest. Yep, we've become "Empty Nester's." Whatever that means. I guess it means that our little birds have flown the coop. 

Rachel, Logan, & Katie

When our kids were growing up, I wanted to be the "Cool Mom" on the block. You know, the one where all the neighborhood kids wanted to come to our house to play because we had Kool-Aid, cookies, snacks, and an abundance of games and cartoons. I think I got my wish. June Cleaver I'm not, but my kids would run in and out all year yelling, "Hi, Mom!" as they passed, bringing their friends with them, who also yelled,"Hi, Mom!" I remember looking and counting, thinking that one's not mine, that one's not mine, either. But, oh well! The kids were happy, playing, and the house was booming with excitement.

As the kids grew older, the house grew quieter. Occupied rooms and loud music were replaced by ear buds and cars. Lights were left on at night on purpose to give light to the late-night child, returning home from a date or outing with friends.

As time went on, boxes were packed, rooms vacated, weddings performed, and one by one, the kids left. First Rachel, off to college. Then her wedding to Jake, and eventually their own home. Then it was Katie. Married to Brett. Into their own home. And our family got smaller...but yet bigger, if that makes any sense. 
Jake, my little "Peep-eye" Abraham, & Rachel

Brett & Katie

Even though the girls married and moved out, our family grew with the addition of two more boys. Then one day the phone rings and it's Katie. "Hey Mom, I just wanted to tell you that you're going to be a Nonney!" Radley came along in 2006. And our family grew again!

Then four years later, for Valentine's Day, Rachel and Jake announce, "We're going to have a baby!" Another addition. Abraham came along in 2011. Our family grew again.

My little sweetheart, Radley

So even though our girls got married and left home, they supplied us with more babies, growing our family even bigger. We were fine, because OUR baby, Logan, was still at home. Even though he visited his friends and his girlfriend often, he still came home at night. So the night light was still left on. Then Logan announces, "Rhiannon and I are going to get married!" Another addition...but another one left the nest, making us the Empty Nester's. Or did it really? Because I've seen Logan more since he got married than I did when he lived here!

Rhiannon & Logan

We have raised three kids; two girls and a boy. But we've gained two boys and a girl. We now have three girls and three boys. And we also have two grand-boys. So our empty nest isn't really an empty nest at all. Because even though the kids grew up, got married, and moved out...THEY CAME BACK AND BROUGHT MORE WITH THEM! No one told us that part. But I'm not complaining! No sirree, I'm not complaining!

Having an empty nest is an adjustment, to say the least. But an adjustment I'm learning to deal with. I'm sad that all my chicks have grown up. I miss that a little. But I'm also glad my chicks have had their own chicks, because being a Nonney sure is a blessing! I absolutely love my little grand-chicks! So even though my nest is empty, it's full at the same time...and I'm blessed to be able to experience it. 

Empty Nesters...yeah, right!


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