Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving Forward

It's one thing to be healed of the years of oppression and intimidation. The peace that flows through me is amazing. God is more real than He's ever been before. My senses are more attuned to what's going on around me. Sleep comes more easily and it's more refreshing. I'm able to rest once again, without little niggling remarks from the past running through my head, ruining what sleep I would have got. It's easier to wake in the morning. In fact, I do so with anticipation of a new day. It's actually a welcome thing to wake before the alarm, so I can go out to the porch and spend a few quiet moments alone with God and tell Him how wonderful He is, thanking Him for the healing once more, and reading His Word in anticipation of what He wants me to know for this day...

But it's been a few weeks. What do I do now? What do I do AFTER the healing? When the moment is long gone, I've come down off the cloud I was floating on the first few weeks. I've had a couple of undesirable moments with stressful people. I handled it well, but what am I supposed to do now? Is God still listening to me? Am I still listening to God? 

It's time to MOVE FORWARD. 

God healed me for a reason. To help others. To minister to others. He set me on this path of restoration after healing me. He has given me a new purpose in life and a new ministry. I can do nothing more but move forward with it...following Him.

When God heals you of an issue, or several issues, that you've had buried deep within your soul, you come out of it into a new light. At first it's hard to see things around you because it's so bright and clear out here in the open. But gradually things begin to adjust. You're at a sort of stand-still because there's a newness within you. A getting-used-to-this-new-thing kind of feeling that takes a little getting used to. There's excitement. There's a new awareness. Peace, joy, happiness, laughter, all come back to you.

There are also remembered hurts. There are those little aggravating voices, trying to sprout old hurts back into life. But instantly they are squashed back into the pit from whence they came. There is no more dwelling on the issues of the past, because let's face it, they are in the PAST. It's a new day and you're a new you!

So what happens when you finally adjust somewhat and the newness wears off? That's when the moving forward begins. Taking those baby steps, walking steps, then running steps forward. Stay in prayer. Keep reading your Bible. This will keep you grounded. This will help you move forward. We have to move forward in our journey if we are to be successful. If we stay where we are, we end up going back into the black hole. There are always going to be those people who try to keep us from moving forward. 

"Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving." ~Colossians 4:2

Every day I get up and start my day talking to the Lord. I open my Bible and ask Him what He would have me to know today. I just open my Bible & wherever it opens, I read. Guess what? That is exactly where God has a message for me! What I read in there after I've spoken to Him deals with the very things I've talked to Him about...and right there is my answer!

Let me encourage you today. Let God ground you in His presence. In His Word, in His conversation, in everything. When you get grounded, you'll be able to move forward.


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