Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a2z... Bookin' It

The next in the a2z meme is the letter "B"... B is for BOOKS. I love books! I love to read. If there is a book series that interests me, I will buy them, then begin my reading adventure. It doesn't take long to get through a stack of books. Then I lovingly put them on my bookshelves for display... or until I'm bored and want to read them again. My husband says I'm a freak (lovingly I might add). I admit though, I didn't always like to read. Because in grade school I was a slow reader. I just didn't like to do it. But I got over it by Junior High and my reading took off! The first book I ever read in completion was "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." by Judy Blume. A big accomplishment for a twelve-year-old girl. 

Remember Trixie Belden, or Nancy Drew mystery books? I read both. But Trixie Belden was my first experience with teenage sleuthing. My Trixie books were old, musty, and the pages were yellow-brown and brittle, so I had to be extra careful when I read them because one wrong page turn and a piece of the page would come off in my hand. I recently ran across a few Trixie books that were in danger of being thrown out. They now sit in my book collection. 


As I got older, my tastes would change from one genre to another. Through the years, I've read many different types of books. Everything from the Amityville Horror (to which I had nightmares for weeks afterward!), Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys mysteries, Harlequin Romance, Historical Romance (I'm a hopeless romantic)... the Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, paranormal fiction (I like vampires... and yes, I know they aren't real), I have read classics, like Wuthering Heights, (Heathcliff and I have a love-hate relationship to this day, as he does with my oldest daughter). Characters just make one mad sometimes.  

I also read Christian fiction and non-fiction. I love Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, and many others.  I love the Christian fiction Amish series. They are wonderful, along with the historical romance. If there is a series in a fiction genre and it piques my interest, I'll read it. Because it just won't do to read one in a series. You'll never know what happens in the end!

On my bookshelves is a plethora of various books. Portals into another world. One of imagination, where anything goes and nothing is impossible. There are no rules in imagination except that you have fun, you can go home any time you like, and good always wins over evil. At least it does in my mind... unless you are reading a series and then you may be left hanging on a cliff until the next book comes out! 

I always have at least a couple of books going. I try to begin my day with my Bible reading. Then onto other things as time allows. Bookin' it, keeps things lively. Whatever your preference, pick up a book or two... then take a trip and never leave your living room.

What do you like to read?


retha said...

After buying books second hand my son prefers old books. Good for me because those are so much cheaper. We are in need of another new bookshelf though.

Great Lakes Romances said...

I was pretty sure the "B" word would result in books, although I wrote a completely different angle on the topic inspired by a news release yesterday at Goodreads. I've been a romance reader and writer for decades but the books that stand out in my mind are non-fiction books about the Amish written by Joseph Yoder, particularly the book about his mother, Rosanna of the Amish. I really do love that story! :)

Shelley Wilburn said...

Retha, if my daughter and I keep going, our homes are going to look like a library themselves. LoL! But we love books so much. ;]

Donna, I have not read anything written by Jospeph Yoder, but that sounds like a wonderful story! I'm going to have to look that one up. (By the way, I love your profile picture)

Thanks for your comments!
Hugz! =D

Janet said...

I almost chose books for my B post, too! I think bloggers have to be in love with words.

Shelley Wilburn said...

I think you're right, Janet. I love words, which is probably why I write so much! *wink*

Pamela said...

Ah, Trixie Belden brings back so many memories. Nancy Drew...Hardy Boys--all fueled my love of reading many, many years ago.

Valerie Comer said...

Trixie Belden. Ah yes. Many memories. I think I read them all. I'm not a huge mystery fan now, though. I read a lot in the genre I write, contemporary Christian romance. I also have a few historical authors that are must-reads. Just to round out my eclectic mix, I also enjoy speculative fiction.

Books. I love 'em. :)

Shelley Wilburn said...

Oh boy, more Trixie Belden fans! Welcome to my side of the fence! ;-] I admit, I'm not a big mystery fan now, either. But you who write the Christian romance... keep 'em coming! I am a hopeless romantic. Any suggestions as to what I should get a hold of?

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see your books; some are old friends of mine. I loved Swan Thieves! I'm in the midst of multiple books right now with a long list and stack just waiting to be read. Life without books? Not possible. ;-)

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

Trixe Beldon!!! Squeal!

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