Saturday, August 4, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday?

My BIRTHDAY day! August 4th. I realize that some people don't like to celebrate birthdays, but I DO! And if I could get away with it, I would have a birthday party every year, with streamers, party hats, noise makers, and especially birthday cake! You can't have a birthday party without birthday cake. Well, I guess I did this time...

However, this year for my birthday, my dear, sweet hubby took me on a trip to Paducah, Kentucky. It isn't far from where we live, only about 60 miles. But it's far enough away from the house that we can both relax and enjoy each other's company, which we did.

Paducah has a historical part of town that has some wonderful restaurants, antique shops, and many other things. It just so happened that on my birthday, they were having something special! (I do realize that it wasn't because of my birthday, but it just fell on the same day) In the evening, they block off Broadway street and many people come out to play music, perform special things, and just hang out. I only wished that more of the shops stayed open late so that we could have enjoyed them.

We had visited some antique shops earlier in the day and I found a couple of "treasures" to take home with me. Being that I love tea cups and antique quilts, guess what I found?

Later in the evening, when we went back down, we had a lovely dinner at Max's Brick Oven, an Italian restaurant where they bake many of their pizzas, pasta dishes, and more in an actual brick, wood fired oven. 

The food was lovely and the atmosphere was great. You could either sit inside, or outside on their patio. Since the weather was hot and humid, we opted for inside.

After we left there, we walked Broadway, and I met some very "tall" young people. I called them the "Stilt People." They were all too happy to pose for a picture with the short lady for her birthday. They don't discriminate against the vertically challenged.

We also saw a few musicians, which were wonderful. Since I love music, I was all too happy to listen. 

But, it was when I found the belly dancers that I had to stop and watch for an extended amount of time. I'm considering taking it up. Not! If I do, it will be in the privacy of my own home, when no one else is there! They were fun to watch though. I admired them for getting out there and showing their talent.

Birthdays. I happen to love them, for no other reason than it's your birthday! But I actually have TWO birthdays. The first one is the one when I was born physically. The second one is when I was born spiritually. Really, this one is the one I should celebrate with a party. The sad thing is, I can't remember the exact date when I got saved! But that's okay. It's recorded in a special book, and my name is written there....and Jesus knows that my name is there! That's all I'm concerned with. Whether you celebrate your physical birthday, or your spiritual birthday, celebrate it! And don't forget the cake...

So, how do you celebrate YOUR birthday?


Sherri Murphy said...

Looks like the kind of weekend I would enjoy. I think we've gone there during the same week and loved it! Glad he treated you right! :)

Patty Wysong said...

LoL--Happy Birthday one month late!! (that just means you get to celebrate today too, right??) ;-)

Sorry I missed it!!

Shelley Wilburn said...

Hahaha! Thank you, Patty! I like your theory...a late happy birthday wish meaning I get to celebrate It another day. Let's have some cake! ;-]

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