Monday, February 11, 2013

Where Do I Fit In?!

Many people point and laugh at times, because I wear mismatched socks. Yes, I have matching socks. I choose to mismatch them. "Why?" is the next question they ask me. “Why do you wear mismatched socks?” There is a reason for it. No, I’m not trying to get attention, or to be silly. I’m not even trying to make a statement, although wearing the mismatched socks has in fact made one.

I started wearing mismatched socks because of a little joke I made in my “About Me” post, stating that I liked to wear them. After I posted it, I began thinking about them more and more. The thing is, I made a lot of silly statements in that post, just because I wanted to make people laugh, and wanted them to know that I was lighthearted and liked to have fun. But having posted things like the fact that I like candy and my family says I like Halloween because I can “legally” ride a broom (not so), those things didn’t remain in my thoughts like mismatched socks did.

I began to see mismatched socks in a people perspective. I was talking to my friend, Laura about my website and mentioned the mismatched socks. The next statement sealed the fate of them: “Mismatched socks, though they don’t match, are still useful… like people. I don’t fit in with things other people do. I AM a mismatched sock! But God plucked me out of the laundry basket of life and said, “I can still use her.” Laura looked at me and I could see understanding dawn on her. She began to smile and then said, “I totally understand that!”

I know many people out there who are suffering many different things. You wonder where you fit in. Whether you struggle with physical, mental, or emotional abuse, depression, feelings of hopelessness, or whatever drags you down, God wants to lift you back up. He wants to pluck you out of the laundry basket of life, too! He CAN still use you! There IS something He wants you to do! There IS someplace where you fit in!

God plucked me out of the laundry basket of life and said, "I can still use her."

When I look down and see my mismatched pair of socks, I am reminded of the healing God did on me. I am reminded that all the things of my past are forgiven and forgotten. I am reminded that God gave me a task to tell my story so that someone else out there can be encouraged and given hope. He placed me where I fit in. Whether that’s you, or someone you know, is beside the point. The point of the matter is that, YOU matter!

If you understand the mismatched sock theory, let me know. I have something for you! Contact me by sending me your name and snail mail address by clicking on the link to my email address,, or in the column to the right, or through Facebook. Let me know your story. I also want to pray for you! God loves you SO much. And He has a place where you fit in. All you have to do is ask Him!


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