Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun in the Mountains

Our pastor thinks we're on vacation. In fact, everyone who knows where we are thinks we are on vacation. The truth is that, even when WE think we're on vacation, we really aren't. But the great thing about what we do is that vacation and work are often synonymous!

When you pull a casket behind your motorcycle, you might as well be a rolling billboard. Because riding down the interstate and everyone who passes you will either look over and do a double-take, or they will pass you, slow down and let you catch back up so they can get another look at what they "thought" they saw!

However, what's really fun (at least for us), is to park, walk away from our "rig," and then inconspicuously watch people react to a casket sitting in the parking lot!

Our "lookout" vantage point

On our trip through the mountains, we stopped at a very popular overlook. There are a few trails to walk and a set of steps going up to another overlook. I love looking out over the mountains, watching the clouds float by. But this time it was a little more fun because we were high above the parking lot and could see a whole lot more activity than we bargained for.

Many people looked the casket over. Some were a little afraid to get close to it. But the message always remains the same: "When this is your last ride... Where ya gettin' out?" Watching from a distance, I wondered how many people actually understood that. We set a plastic container out with our picture postcards in it for people to take if they want one. There is a message on the flip side which explains what we're all about. If they read it, they will read about how important it is to know Jesus BEFORE they take their last ride.

Curious, but cautious visitor

Some people will take one and walk away. Some will read it right there, then walk off. Others will take a card, look at it, then put it back. And then there are others who won't even take one. Some people even stand back and take their own pictures of the casket. Even as I write this, there is a man in the parking lot of our motel, just outside our window, snapping pictures of our casket! They're all different. But God loves each and every one of them.

Some even drag their friends over

So, today we were spies. While people were checking out our casket, we were checking out them! We often get a little silly while watching people and begin to dialog as they walk around and around the casket. I thought it might be funny to install a little motion sensor speaker that starts talking when someone gets close enough; "Excuse me? Hey! Yeah, you. Um, could you help me get out of here? Please?" Hmm... Maybe that's not a good idea.

Some nice folks offered to take our picture

Seriously though, while we have a lot of fun with our casket, the message is a serious one. You really do need to have your plans made for where you are going when you die. And not whether you're going to be cremated or not. You need a relationship with Jesus and to know you are going to Heaven. Because when it's all said and done, if you don't know Jesus, well... you won't see Heaven. The alternative is unacceptable to us. That's why we do what we do... even on vacation.

See you in a week, Pastor Jason!


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