Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Am A Lazarus

He was dead for four days! I'm pretty sure he didn't smell too good, either. He just got sick one day and before his sisters knew it, he was gone. Their brother Lazarus was dead. They had sent for their good Friend, Jesus. But He didn't make it in time to save Lazarus. Or did He? Because it really wasn't about Lazarus dying. It was about something a whole lot bigger. 

When Jesus heard it, He said, "This sickness will not end in death but is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it." ~John 11:4, HCSB
The traditional site of Lazarus's tomb in Bethany.
©HCSB Study Bible

So, Jesus waited a little longer before He went to check on Lazarus. By this time, he had been buried for four days and probably smelled worse than a polecat. Yet, Jesus yelled for him to come out and, miracle of miracles...Lazarus got up...FROM THE DEAD (John 11:38-44)! He became a walking, talking miracle. How many people can say THAT! Hang on just one second... even today, there are many people who can say that. I know because... I am one of them. I am a Lazarus; a walking, talking miracle.

For over forty years I was a mental and emotional "basket case" as some people would call me. My family drilled it in my head that I was destined to suffer depression because, "It runs in the family." They also told me that I was destined to be fat because, "It runs in the family." Then my own mother contracted cancer and died. And I thought that too was my destiny because... "It runs in the family," even though I have always been very healthy and strong.

I read the Bible passages that stated that God had plans for me, that He wanted to prosper me, not harm me. He wanted to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). I read where if I just believed, I would receive everything I asked for in prayer (Matthew 21:22). Promise after promise I read, but it never sank in because of the negative, hurtful things that had been spoken over me most of my life. Of course I would pray, but it was for little things and always for someone else because God just couldn't help me. He could save me so that when I did die I would go to heaven. But all those other things, well I just figured that they were for other people. Um.... NO!

Those things ARE for me, too! And just like He did to Lazarus, one night Jesus called me to, "Come out!" And I did! The mental and emotional baggages I carried were thrown into the fire. The worries about my appearance were thrown down. The worries of terminal illness were banished! Just like Lazarus, I was healed. And just like Lazarus, there have been those who do not appreciate what Jesus did for me.

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It is really sad that, when someone gets a miracle in their lives, others try to knock them back down. But it happens. People I have known for years still say, "I know you. I know how to get to you!" I really don't know why they think they need to "get to me" but apparently they do. Bringing up my past though isn't going to diminish the fact that I am a walking, talking, writing miracle! Just like that of Lazarus.

Let me tell you something; God isn't concerned about what others say or think about you. He cares about YOU! Let me tell you that if you step out in faith, believing and receiving His grace, mercy, forgiveness, and healing, He will meet you at your decision, at your first step, and take care of you. Then you too, will be a Lazarus.

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die--ever. Do you believe this?" ~John 11:25-26, HCSB

You don't have to listen to the enemy. You don't have to listen to those around you who speak lies and negative things. Instead, listen to Jesus. Believe in Him, trust Him, wait on Him. When you do, amazing and miraculous things will happen! Because even when Jesus was four days late... He was right on time.


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