Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Be A Victim!

Our 30th wedding anniversary was June 18. It was a day like any other day, until that evening. What most women would have waited for, and enjoyed, would have been a wonderful weekend away, maybe at a bed and breakfast, a steak dinner, and maybe a lovely (if not expensive) gift. And while I am not complaining one iota, none of these things were to be on my anniversary. However, in my book, they were much, much better. 

My husband took me to the Extreme Exigency training; Personal Protection Pistol Pedagogy. In simple terms; instruction on how NOT to become a victim. 

The guys who teach the four-hour, personal protection classes are State Troopers with many, many years of on-the-job, hands-on, experience. They have extensive training in various areas including law enforcement, criminal investigation, firearms safety, and many others. 

What I found most informative about this class is that not only did the guys instruct us on how to protect ourselves to prevent becoming a victim, but they also taught us proper care and handling of firearms, basic personal safety in the home and while traveling, and how to properly hold, aim, and fire a pistol.

L to R: Ray Minor; Jason Ashemore, Mayor of Sesser, IL. who attended
the class & gives his support; Mike Miller, Byron Farthing

Ray Minor, a good friend and State Trooper, taught the instructional part of this class. Byron Farthing assisted in classroom instruction, preparation, and demonstration. Mike Miller handled the firing range instruction and digital imaging for our pictures. All three of these men are wonderful instructors. They are very informative and their rapport with the class helped to give us all a calmness that was needed in such an important educational event.

While I've known Ray for more than 25 years, I had never sat in on one of his classes before. I'm so glad that I did. Ray brought forth some things that I had never taken the time to consider before. For instance, if someone whom you don't know approaches you and begins to talk to you, you need to be evaluating your circumstances. You need to be listening and making your plans. One thing that costs most people is this statement, "I just can't imagine that they would do such a thing." By this time, they already have, and you have become a victim.

Mike Miller & Byron Farthing preparing for class

Ray Minor, demonstrating proper two-handed grip of a pistol.

Byron & Ray demonstrating "sight picture."
Where your bullet goes when you point your gun.

I don't want to be too late in figuring out that I need to protect myself. I will also go kicking and screaming in the fight of my life if I have to. But I can guarantee that if someone chooses to attack me, I may not live through it, but they will be extremely hurt in the process, too. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Class members practicing proper two-handed pistol grip,
using the plastic practice guns.

Below is a brief description of the Extreme Exigency, Personal Protection Pistol Pedagogy course:

This course will provide an understanding for the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense.  The participants will develop skills and attitudes essential for the safe and effective use of a handgun for the protection of self and family.  Further, coverage will be provided on mental awareness, how to avoid victimization, and mindset development for use of a firearm when faced with a life threatening encounter.  This course will review basic gun safety rules for guns in the home, travel and concealed carry. Also covered will be the responsibility of firearm ownership laws, how to legally travel with a firearm and the justified use of lethal force.

Students will be required to participate in classroom and firearms range activities and demonstrate basic live-fire handgun proficiency.  (Compliments of Extreme Exigency website) 

That would be me, with a smoking gun.
I grew up around firearms. I know the safety measures. I know how to load, aim, and fire them. I also know how to clean them. What I didn't know was how to properly aim a pistol. I could do it, but I never was a very good shot with one. I was better with shotguns and rifles. After the instructional part of the class, we were then instructed to go to the mobile range to qualify with the required firearms. I passed.

My target after 20 rounds with a .22 pistol.

While we were given many informational things throughout this class, one thing sticks with me even now:

"When the moment comes to choose whether or not to be a victim the urgency to prepare has passed.......Choose not to be a victim!!!!"~Extreme Exigency

You don't have to like guns to take this course. You also don't have to know how to use a firearm. Regardless of your experience, I would highly recommend Extreme Exigency to all women. It is highly important simply so that you can learn how to protect yourself and your kids against an intruder into your home, or someone you don't know who approaches you on the street, in the grocery store parking lot, or anywhere you happen to be. It's also a good class for men as well.

Extreme Exigency is a mobile training unit. They travel to different areas and will gladly set up a class for any group or organization that wants to train their members in personal safety and protection. It is also a great class for individuals.

For more information on Extreme Exigency, or to enroll in classes, see their website, Also "Like" them on Facebook.

Don't be a victim! You have every right to protect yourself. I am not going to let someone take that right from me, no matter who they are. You shouldn't either.


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