Thursday, June 13, 2013

Healing Grace ~ A Book Review

It has been one of those summers already and we aren't even out of June yet. I have been so blessed to have writer friends who have allowed me to read their books. I read this one a few weeks back, then got busy, and didn't get a chance to write about it until now. So, here we go!

Another writer friend of mine, Lisa Lickel, has published her book, Healing Grace. This book was described as “Paranormal Romance,” yet it deals with Spiritual gifts which, to me, are “Supernatural.” However, it sure did keep me interested. This book just sucks you right into the middle of it and won’t let you go until you finish. I like that in a book.

Healing Grace is about Grace Runyon. Grace has a special gift, but she keeps it a secret. Just like her aunt and grandmother before her, she can fix anyone with just a touch. The cost for using her gift she never questioned. But she doesn't want anyone to know about it now. In fact, she is running from the very thing that she believes has caused the hardship in her life. After the death of her ill husband, Grace finds herself many miles from home and family. She truly believes that she let everyone down, including God, because she couldn't fix her husband.

But Grace finds out she can't run from God. Nor does God let Grace off the hook that easily. In her new little Michigan town, in her new house, she meets Ted and his wonderful little boy, Eddy, and God throws Grace back into the very thing she was running from; Her gift.

Although Ted has an unknown illness and a few secrets himself, he manages to finagle his and his son’s way into Grace’s heart and home. Will Grace face her past, accept who she is, and trust God to work through her precious gift? Or will she allow a terminally ill man to die?

The story is an up and down adventure into forgiveness, grace, hope, and of course… love. Watching Grace battle within herself, and a bit of small-town gossip, to find all these things helped me realize that anyone can relate to the struggles Grace goes through in this story.

Lisa shows that the wonderful thing about God is that He is patient and never gives up on His children, no matter who they are. He instills into each one of us a measure of faith, and also Spiritual gifts that He gives to us to use! Lisa did a fantastic job of showing the grace of God and His healing power through those who trust Him to use those gifts for His glory.

I found myself wondering though, exactly what was going to eventually happen with Ted, because one minute he was doing great, then the next he was doing bad. Would God be able to heal Ted through Grace? Would Grace allow it? Will Grace figure things out in time to save Ted? You’ll just have to read Healing Grace to find out.

You can find Healing Grace in eBook form through the links below at Muse It Up publishing or through Amazon. The print form will be released later this year.

Muse It Up Publishing:


Lisa Lickel lives with her husband in an old 160-year-old house built by a Great Lakes ship captain, collects dragons and enjoys travel. Her published novels include the Buried Treasure cozy mystery series, Meow Mayhem, the award-winning romance Meander Scar and the linked novella anthology A Summer in Oakville with best-selling author Shellie Neumeier. She is a freelance feature writer for local news, writes short stories, magazine articles and radio theater. Lisa is an avid book reviewer, a freelance editor, a writing mentor, a hostess at Clash of the, and enjoys blogging at and She loves to encourage new writers. Find her at


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