Friday, June 21, 2013

Whose Side Are You On?

I have seen a lot of hurt in the lives of many different women lately. Mainly because of broken friendships which could have been saved if both people were on the same side.

It's funny (odd) how you can be going along nicely, thinking your friendships are great, secure, and growing, and then the proverbial bottom drops out from under you and you're left wondering what just happened. I have had it happen to me quite a lot over the years. Not only have I had it happen with people I thought were my friends, but also with family members. It is very heartbreaking to discover that the relationship you thought you had with someone turned out to be only one-sided.

Be merciful and gracious to me, O God, for man would trample me or devour me; all the day long the adversary oppresses me. They that lie in wait for me would swallow me up or trample me all day long, for they are many who fight against me, O Most High! ~Psalm 56:1-2, AMP (emphasis added)

I'm so glad that my relationship with God is not like that. Oh wait... sometimes it is. Ouch! Of course, with God, He is always there for me. He is always listening for me. He always listens TO me. And most of all, He always loves me. But do I return those to Him? Grudgingly I admit... I do not. Oh how it breaks my own heart to admit that. Yet, I do. I admit it because what I'm saying here may make some people mad, may offend some, but I want you to know this much: I'm telling on myself too, so if I can admit my faults, so can you.

The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him sincerely and in truth. ~Psalm 145:18, AMP

Oh how we neglect the very person who is always there for us and Who will never let us down. Instead, we turn to the very people who will trash us behind our backs, tell our secrets, hurt us beyond imagining, and completely turn their backs on us. I have a theory about the reasoning for this behavior, not that this is how it is, but it's just my theory. I believe the reason we do this to ourselves is because the people we confide in, whom we trust, are tangible. We can see them in the flesh, we can touch them physically. They are there. And although God is there too, we can't see Him, nor can we physically touch Him. In our simple minds, "Out of Sight - Out of Mind" applies. Yet does it?

God is everywhere. We can see His handiwork in the things of this earth. The trees, the ground, sky, birds, animals and such. If we get quiet enough, we can feel his presence. And if we truly listen, we can hear His voice. But are we willing to do that? Are we willing to trust Him enough to wait on Him? Because God is a patient God. He is loving, kind, compassionate. But He also takes His time in answering us. I think He does this to make sure we are listening for Him and waiting for Him. All too often though, we get impatient and move ahead, only to trip and fall back down.

People are going to let you down. They are going to hurt you, and manipulate you, and yes, even turn their backs on you. Some will even go as far as to turn others against you. But God never will. God never goes back on His promises, and there are many in His Word!

... For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."~Hebrews 13:5b

I have learned in the past year to trust God for my friends. I have prayed and asked Him to reveal my enemies. It may sound off-the-wall, but I did. What I learned was, after asking God to do this, many people whom I thought were my friends, suddenly became very distant. Some even stopped talking to me at all! Even family members seemingly stopped contacting me. I learned very fast whose side they were on. However, as quickly as they left me, new people came into my life and have been such a wonderful breath of fresh air!

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:19

So whose side are YOU on? Are you on God's side? Or are you on the enemy's side? Don't spend your time running after those who have hurt you. Don't set yourself up for more hurt. This is just what the enemy wants. Instead, run after God. Ask Him to reveal your enemies. Rest assured that He will send true friends into your life. Ones that will last a lifetime.


Karla Akins said...

You have NO IDEA how much I needed this today! I just finished praying the same prayer you prayed! Thanks for this post!

Shelley Wilburn said...

How ironic that we are spiritually connected, Karla! It's amazing what happens when we ask God for things, isn't it! ;-]

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