Friday, August 30, 2013


I'll be the first to admit that I love FOOD! I love to eat. That's probably why I look the way I do, but so what? This isn't about eating per se, as much as it is about ... well ... EATING!

I recently went on a fast to get some answers about a speaking engagement I was scheduled for. The problem was that I was in a tizzy about whether or not I had really done the right thing by accepting the invitation. Of course it was an enemy attack, but the fact still remained that I really wanted to know if I was doing the right thing.

Three days into the fast, I got my answer: "GO!"

I had committed to fast for twenty-one days. So, I kept going. It was a simple fast, in that I still ate but just did not eat certain foods. So it wasn't like I was starving because I was not. Instead, when I felt hungry, I had some fruit or water, and I always talked to the Lord when I felt this way.

It wasn't until after the speaking engagement, after the fast, and at least a week later that I realized that I was still losing weight without trying. This concerned me. You see, I lost my mother to stomach cancer eighteen years ago. I am now the age that she was when she died. So any weight-loss without trying always causes me a bit of anxiety, whether I want it or not. But here is where it gets exciting...

While driving down the road, listening to the radio, a Veggie Tales video playing in the back seat, and my 2-year-old grandson's chatter, I distinctly heard that wonderfully soft, soothing, comforting voice that I know to be the Holy Spirit, speaking encouragement to me:

'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'
     My answer? "I get that."
"You haven't been hungry for FOOD because you have been feasting on MY WORD.
     "Ohh, okay."
"You don't always need to eat food when you get your nourishment from Me."
     "I understand."
"That's why you have continued to lose weight."
     "Thank you for that."

It wasn't lightning bolts and trumpets, a tickertape parade, or balloons and confetti. It was just a very soft, soothing, conversation that no one else in the car heard except me. God works like that. And my point is not to try to tell you that you can stop eating and expect God to keep you alive! Because I don't lose weight like that. I recommend a healthy eating plan if you do want to lose weight.

My point is that FOOD is very important to our health and well-being. A healthy diet is very important in order to keep our strength up and also to take off weight when we need it. And I do NOT recommend fasting as a means to lose weight quick. Because once you start eating again, you WILL gain the weight back just as quickly. However, if you want to hear a word from God about a situation in your life, if you want to grow closer to Him, then fasting for a short period of time would be the route to go. And fasting is always about the FOOD, but the results are always about the LORD!

Not everyone hears from the Lord the same way. But food was my problem and I knew that giving it up was going to be a sacrifice. God knew it, too. And because of my sacrifice, He answered me, and has kept answering me.

Something amazing happened when I gave up FOOD. It was spiritual. It was private. And it was so special that it is very difficult to explain it. Yes, I still love food. Yes, I still eat food. But I don't eat like I did. Because in gaining my answers about my speaking engagement, I also gained a knowledge of when and how to eat.

 I have started drinking more water, which I desperately needed, and I have stopped eating so much fried foods, and lean more toward healthier choices. I don't find myself hungry physically like I once did. Instead, I hunger for God's Word. So you can usually find me on my porch with my nose stuck in the Bible, or a good devotional.

I am not my mother. Nor am I anyone else other than ME. God has great big plans for me, and He has great big plans for you, too! The whole point of this post is that while FOOD is good, God is BETTER! He gave us food for our physical bodies, but His Word is also food for our souls.

No matter which way you look at it, whether physical FOOD or Spiritual FOOD, we all need nourishment. Begin by looking in the Word of God before you pick up the french fries. You might find that your appetite just needed a little tweaking.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Purple Hair and Rainbows

A funny thing happened on the way to the retreat. Well... SEVERAL funny things happened on the way to the retreat! I am a firm believer that any time God calls you to do something, He will equip you to do it and also provide a way for you to get there to do it. No issues there whatsoever! But while you are preparing, traveling, and even right in the midst of doing what you're called to do, the enemy will try to sabotage you in every way he possibly can. This is what I was up against while traveling...

From the time I left town I hit every road construction project known to man. Fast, then slow, then fast again. Traffic was nearly bumper to bumper. Where did all these people come from...and better yet, where were they all going on the same day I was! Yeesh! 


Then, as I looked ahead the sky turned nearly black and I realized that I was about to head into a thunderstorm. At least that's what it looked like to me. Streak lightning, a little wind, and then ... wait for it... HARD RAIN. Rain so hard I had to slow down to forty miles per hour on a highway that the speed limit was seventy because I could not see the car in front of me. However, as fast as it hit, it quit. Because I was traveling east and the storm was going west. Weird? I don't think so.

Hard rain! Where's the road?

You see, even though this was my very first time traveling a long distance alone, in my brand new car (a Kia Sportage), I was perfectly calm. This is not like me...well, not like the me from the past. But I knew in my heart of hearts that God was directing my every turn on this path. And I also forgot to mention that I had printed out my directions from Mapquest, but also took a GPS. Well, poor little Garmin kept trying to redirect me onto every dirt and gravel country road between here and my destination, not to mention that he wanted me to go in the opposite direction! Good thing I had those Mapquest directions!

But probably the funniest thing that happened to me on the way to the retreat was when I stopped at a rest area. I had just got back into the Kia, called my husband to let him know that I was alright and making good time, all things considered, when I felt a presence to my left. As I turned to look, there was a disheveled, old lady at my window. She was pointing at the front of my car and her mouth was moving. I tell dear husband to hang on, and I rolled down the window.
My "cah"...kinda cute, I think

"I want ya cah!"

Confused, I say, "Excuse me?" So she repeats, "I want ya cah." That's when I realized she wanted my car. As instantly as I thought she was wanting to steal my "cah," I felt a peace come over me that she was just admiring it.

"Dis is one of doze Keeya Spoahtages, ryat? I love doze. I always wanted one. I heeya dere nyce."

"They are nice." My radio came back on, so I knew my husband had hung up on me. I was on my own!

"I want ya cah."

"Oh, well I'm sorry but you'll have to GET YOUR OWN CAR!"

She and her lady friend with her began to laugh, still admiring my "cah." So I pilfered in my purse, grabbed two of my ministry cards, then handed them out the window to the ladies and said, "I'm on my way to speak at a ladies retreat."

Confused, they took the cards. But the more outspoken of the two ladies says, "Oh? And what ah ya speakin' on?" It was at this point that I realized why I had stopped at the rest area. I had a Divine Appointment. So I told the ladies, "I'm speaking on healing, and how God can use you no matter what you've been through. Like He healed me of over forty years of mental and emotional abuse by women."

Instantly her head snapped up. "By WOMEN? What ah ya, a RAINBOW?!"

Purple hair...but no rainbow

At first, I was a little shocked, but in the two-point-four-seconds that it took me to realize what she just asked me (she thought I was a lesbian), I answered her. "NO, I'm not a "Rainbow."

Sarcastically she asked me, "Den how do ya get "abused" by women?"

In a calm voice I answered her, "By being bullied, intimidated, controlled, put down and made fun of. My abusers were mostly my mother and grandmother, but other women as well. Teachers, friends... But God healed me of that and I'm going to tell other women they can be healed, too."

In a very patronizing tone she says, "Well, if that's what it takes." By this time, she won't look at me and is backing away from me. I guess I made her nervous. But she wasn't going to let me off the hook, and I wasn't going to let her off the hook either. So I pointed my finger at her and her friend and said very loudly, with a big smile, "YES! That's EXACTLY what it takes!" As they were walking off, they thanked me, I told them to have a safe trip, and we were done.

It was as I was driving out of the parking lot of the rest area that I began laughing hysterically. How like God to give me a humorous situation in which to tell someone what He has done for me! And as I pulled back out on the highway, it hit me that something I should have said to the lady was, "Are YOU are Rainbow? Because GOD can heal you of THAT, TOO!!"

I told this story in the Friday night session of the retreat. As the ladies laughed about as hysterically as I did over this hilarious story, I soberly told them that there are many, many women out there who are being mentally and emotionally abused by others. Whether it's other women, or men, or whomever, these things should not be happening. It took me over forty years to get to the point where I realized that this is what was happening to me, and that I did not have to live like that. 

The point is, God has such big plans for you and it is NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS but yours and God's! No one else has the right to tell you that you can't do something specific when you KNOW that God has called you to do it. 

When that lady first asked me if I was a Rainbow, I thought she was referring to my purple hair. But then I realized that she actually was thinking in terms of being gay. Why would she think that? I gave her no other reason to think that about me. But I also realized that she was trying to intimidate me. Watching her friend who was with her, I could tell that she was the passive one, and the lady who was talking to me was the controller.

She got a big surprise though when I looked her in the eye and told her the Truth. Because when I did, she began to back up. The Bible says to "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." (James 4:7) When intimidating and controlling people come into your personal space, resist them. Stand your ground. Be prepared. It confuses them and even though they try to press in on you, YOU PRESS BACK with the Word of God. Your Sword of Truth. They will back down and you will not be oppressed.

The enemy tried all kinds of things over the weekend to prevent me from preaching to these ladies at this retreat. But he didn't win! The retreat went well, God got the glory, and He blessed beyond our wildest dreams! Purple hair and rainbows... knocked the enemy right out of the park with that one. Go God!

Friday, August 23, 2013


As I write this I'm five days away from speaking at an event. My first "big one" if you really want to know the truth about it. And no, I'm not bragging one iota! Well, I guess I am bragging just a little bit, but definitely not about ME. My bragging is strictly about God. Because without HIM, this would not be taking place at all!

You see, as you all are reading this right now, it is Friday. The time doesn't matter really. However, at seven o'clock PM the Kickstands Up! 2013 Ladies Retreat at the Christian Fellowship Church in North Manchester, Indiana (click the link to information about the retreat) will be starting. Then, somewhere around eight o'clock, I will stand up and speak at my very first Ladies Retreat! This was all orchestrated by God, don't misunderstand me or miss the point. I have never spoke at an event like this before.

Events. They can be about whatever the people who plan them make. Whether there are two, two hundred, or two thousand, an event is an event. What really makes them BIG though is when God shows up and it doesn't matter how many people are attending. And I'm believing that He is going to show up!

This event is about Hope and Joy, but with a very unique underlying theme. You see, my friend and sister in Christ, Karla Akins, is also launching her new book, The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots! (click the link find the book on So, in the middle of our ladies retreat Saturday afternoon, we are also having a book signing party, which I personally think is going to be a hoot. Not only that, but we will go on a bike ride, eat chocolate (now I bet you wish you had come with me, don'tcha?), and on Sunday afternoon have a Blessing of the Bikes!

Karla on her lovely bike
I know that many people don't ride motorcycles, and that's okay! Because this event is not just for bikers or biker chicks (I think I like being called a biker chick though), it's also for "Cagers" (those who drive know those big things with four tires that you ride in).

So back to the fact that I have never spoke at an event. I have spoken at little, ladies dinners before. But I really don't think that qualifies as speaking at an "Event." I see events as ladies retreats, or conferences, things like that. I could be wrong. I have been a time or two in my life. *eye roll*

The fact of the matter is... Because of what God did in my life, I will get to stand on a stage and tell others what He has done for me, encouraging them as well, that He wants to do the same thing in their lives, too! You see, this event is not about me at all. This event is all about what GOD has done, is doing, and is going to do!

So, as you read this, whatever time you read it... this event is going on Friday and Saturday, and my wonderful husband, D.A. is going to preach on Sunday...please say a prayer for me and for D.A., and for everyone else who is participating in this event. Pray that God will show up, that He will speak to someone at the retreat, and that lives will be changed for Him! Because I know that God is up to something BIG, and I'm going, expecting it to happen!

Me on my new ride...which didn't get to come this time, poor baby.

Events... I think I'm going to like this new adventure! Thanks, God, for including me.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Going the Mountains!

Mountains in the fall... love the colors
I can't say it enough... I LOVE the mountains! Many people love the beach, the ocean, the sounds of the crashing waves, sun in their face and sand in every orifice and their hair. But not me. I'll take the mountains every time. The view is spectacular, the air is crisp (even in the middle of summer), the roads twisty, curvy, and exciting, and even though some may think around every corner is the same view...that's not the same mountain, or the same cloud coming up the mountain side! 

No, this is a different mountain...with a different cloud...
Maybe it's just the fact that I feel closer to God up there, I really don't know. Or maybe it's just the fact that I think about Him more when I'm over six-thousand-feet above sea level. 
Our favorite overlook. The highest elevation; 6,053 feet!

Whatever the case may be, I do know one distinct fact: God talks to me up there. He does! It might sound ludicrous to some, because God talks to me no matter where I am... but in the mountains His voice is clearer, more defined, and I actually understand more when I'm up there.

One of my favorite views
So guess what? I'm going back! Our favorite spot of all time is Maggie Valley, North Carolina. We stay at the lovey little Stony Creek Motel, which literally has a creek running not ten feet behind the motel! I love to sit on the balcony and just ... well ... BE. Maggie Valley is a true, quiet, little valley town between the mountains. Every which way you look, you will see a mountain. 
Not too far out of town, about four miles or so, there is a turn-off that will take you directly to the Blue Ridge Parkway; the twisty, curvy, switchback, road that climbs up and up the mountains, through tunnels, and past various "Overlooks." And yes, I have tons of pictures of various overlooks, mountains, clouds, trees, tunnels, and such. 
Entering the Blue Ridge Parkway...the fun is about to begin!

Tunnel through the side of the mountain

So why do I continue to take the same pictures over and over of the things I already have pictures of? Well, I don't know! Probably because I see something new every time I go back to the mountains. Something is different. Something has changed. 
Love the curvy roads!

And very often, I do see something that I missed on the other fifteen times I have been through there!God created these beautiful, majestic mountains. They are regal. They are a pillar of nature and the Hand of God. 

Pink lovelies growing right out of the
side of the mountain!

One of the last times I was up there, while riding around the curves that would take us to one of our favorite overlooks, I was watching out over the grand view of the multitude of mountains, as I always do. But then, I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "Look up." I wondered about that because we were already way up! But it became more clear when I heard it again, "Look up the side of the mountain." So I turned my head to the right and OH...MY...GOODNESS! There they were. Beautiful, little, pink flowers, growing right out of the side of the rocky mountainside!

Water coming off the rocks
I had totally missed these little beauties before, because I was busy watching the clouds float over the peaks and valleys of the mountains. You see, this is what happens when you ride two-up (as a passenger behind someone else). You get to see the sights, while the driver has to watch the road. Hence, one of the reasons I take multitudes of pictures. D.A. needs to see these when we return to the motel later! (Good excuse for taking pictures anyway)

Trees & shrubs growing right
out of the side of the mountain

At any rate, here were these beautiful, pink flowers and I was missing them! So I began taking pictures of them along the way. After the little prompt by my Best Friend, I began seeing them all over the place, along with so much more. I also began taking pictures UP the side of the mountain instead of out over the side of the cliffs. This is where I realized how much more beautiful the mountains are... and how much more I love them.

I'm going back... to the mountains... very, VERY soon! It's almost Fall up there, you know. And yes...I will most definitely be taking more pictures!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Density or Destiny?

In the movie, Back to the Future, poor little George McFly who is in love with Lorraine, the girl he is "destined" to marry one day, can't seem to find the courage to even speak to her. In fact, everything comes out wrong when he finally gets the chance to speak to her and all he can say is, "I'm your DENSITY!"

I know many times I feel like I'm in my own density... especially when I realize that I must have had my brain unplugged because I just said the wrong thing to the wrong person and messed things up royally! But you know what? Even the wrong words can be fixed with just a little love.

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. ~1 Peter 4:8, NLT


The problem we have with our density though is that we let our history kill our destiny! Instead of moving on, we wallow in what we did in the past, worrying over what happened, what we said, how we handled a situation, or just the fact that plain and simple... we messed up.

Maybe you said, "I'm sorry." Maybe you were not forgiven. So instead of getting over it, you sit and think about it, worry over it, and allow that mistake to fester and keep you from moving forward. I have been there, too. I know that I have had many, many "oopsie-daisy" moments in my life. And I'm sure there will be others. I'm human! But where humans would love to keep those transgressions close to them and dredge them back up any and every time they see you, GOD DOES NOT!

But if we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. ~1 John 1:9, NLT............................. And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never again remember their sins." ~Hebrews 8:12, NLT

Family in Christ, we do not have time to repeat history. We do not have time to wallow in the "wish I would have's" the "should'a, could'a, woulda's" of life and allow the enemy to use people to keep us in our history and away from our DESTINY!

Your History WILL destroy your DESTINY if you let it. Look at Paul. Before God changed his name to Paul, SAUL was a pretty bad fella. He actually went to the authorities and got a paper stating that he could hunt down and kill Christians...just because they were Jesus followers! But an amazing thing happened when he was on his way to the hunt. Jesus showed up and changed his life! Paul was never the same after that! And he told people of his history only as an example... but he didn't relive it. 

... but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on the reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us. ~Philippians 3:13b-14, NLT 

Look at Moses, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Rahab... They did not let their history kill their destiny! You shouldn't either.

It doesn't matter what's in your past. It doesn't matter what your history dictates. You CAN rise above it. History dictates that my life should be in shambles right now. Because over and over growing up, and even after I married and had children, it was drilled into me that "depression and cancer run in our family." Well guess what? I DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT! Why? Because God has great big plans for me, that's why!

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope..." ~Jeremiah 29:11, NLT (emphasis added)


Don't be like George McFly. Step into your DESTINY and leave your density and your history behind... where they belong.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Off the Lily Pad!

Talking with a friend and sister in Christ not long ago, she was so discouraged that nothing I said could cheer her up.

I said to her, "Sis, YOU are a Princess! And I know that you don't feel like a princess right now. You feel like a toad. But you gotta get off the lily pad!"

We all have internal issues we must deal with. But one thing that we often forget is that these problems are temporary. In one of my last posts, I talked about our Credentials. 

How often we forget that as Christ-followers, we are royalty. No, that doesn't exempt us from having struggles, but it DOES give us authority over our struggles! And it is then when we really need to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit to deal with them as such; with the authority and the power that He gives us. We can and should rebuke these things in the name of Jesus!

Sisters, you are a Princess! I know that you probably don't feel like a Princess. You probably do feel like a toad. But do you want to know something really, really awesome? God kissed us when we were at our worst and turned us into Princesses! We no longer have to sit on the lily pad of life, floating in our own misery. It is time to GET OFF THE LILY PAD!

Sure, the lily pad blooms a pretty little flower, but there it sits, in the middle of the pond, surrounded by water and can't go anywhere. Why sit there with one tiny flower when you can have the whole field of wildflowers!

There is so much more to life than allowing the enemy to convince you that you're a toad and deserve the lily pad. 

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. ~1 Peter 5:8, NLT

Get off the lily pad, Sis! You are a Princess! You are a masterpiece! You were bought at a very high price. Jesus didn't go to the cross and suffer a punishment He didn't deserve just so you could live in defeat. He died for you... and then, He got back up and lives so that YOU can, too!

We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God's throne. ~Hebrews 12:2, NLT (emphasis added)

We were kissed by the Prince of Peace and turned into Princesses!! So get off your lily pad, quit complaining, and look at the inheritance that you have! Claim your promises from God! Stop allowing the enemy to take away your joy, your peace, your happiness, your very existence! 

There is more to life than sitting on the lily pad and wallowing in the muddy pond water when you can be floating in the river of Living Water! So come on over, the water is Divine!

Anyone who believes in Me may come and drink For the Scriptures declare, "Rivers of living water will flow from his heart." ~John 7:38, NLT

Friday, August 9, 2013


What are your credentials? Do you have any? Of course you do! I wanted to make sure that I knew without a doubt what credentials were, so I looked it up on and this is what it said:

Credentials:  evidence of authority, status, rights, entitlement to privileges, or the like,usually in written form: Only those with the proper credentials are   admitted.

Do you realize that all of the above are exactly what our credentials are according to God's Word! Plus, they are all in written form! When I read that, I got so excited because not only have we been given authority, but we also have status, we have rights, we also have the entitlement to many privileges all as God's children. If you know Jesus, then you my friends are richer than the wealthiest person in the world!

We are joint heirs to the Kingdom of God!

And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God's glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering. ~Romans 8:17, NLT

In James chapter 2 it says that God has "chosen" the poor in this world to be rich in faith. And they are the ones "who will inherit the Kingdom he promised to those who love him." I don't know about you, but in my book that gives us authority, status, rights, and entitlement to privileges, and it is ALL in written form!

Sometimes I forget my credentials, though. I think we all do. Because we get down and we get distracted by the world's standards. And I'll tell you something, if we let the world dictate to us how we should live, breathe, and act, then we have just let ourselves be intimidated, which is exactly what the enemy of our souls wants us to do. We can't afford to do that!

By being an "Heir to the Kingdom" do you realize that you are royalty? Just like the new royal baby, what's his title again? His Royal Highness Prince George? That new baby is royalty, born into it. You and I were adopted into royalty. We were adopted into such a high status of royalty that we became Princes and Princesses when Jesus overcame the world by rising from the dead on the third day! If you can't get excited about that, then there's something wrong with you.

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, BECAUSE I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD. ~John 16:33, NLT (emphasis added)

We have within us a great responsibility as heirs. Not only do we have rights, status, and entitlement to privileges, but we also have authority to do great things. And in that authority, we are called to tell others about Jesus.

You must teach these things and encourage the believers to do them. You have the authority to correct them when necessary, so don't let anyone disregard what you say. ~Titus 2:15, NLT

The next time someone asks you for your credentials, tell them, "I am a Princess! An Heir to the Kingdom of God!" Don't forget them, because you were bought with an extreme price. You are more valuable than even the birds. So don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Release Your Faith

There are many people in the world today who have needs. Okay, let's just say that we all do! Everyone has needs. But what do you do when your life seems to be spinning out of control and you feel that there is no hope left? Release your faith. It's as simple as that. Just release your faith.

In my daily readings I found it quite ironic, and prophetic to say the least, that opening my Bible took me straight to a statement from Jesus, to a woman who had touched Him and was healed: "...Your faith has made you well..." (Mark 5:34, NT). Immediately after that, I read where He speaks to a man who had just been told his daughter had died, "Don't be afraid. Just have faith."

But not only that, after I read these passages, I opened up my Bible study book and the lesson was about Jesus healing the blind man. His question to the man was, "What do you want Me to do for you?" All the blind man said was that he wanted to see (Mark 10:46-52, NLT). Here's what happened next:

 And Jesus said to him, "Go, for your faith has healed you." ~Mark 10:52a, NLT (emphasis added)

It was after reading the Bible study lesson that it occurred to me, the Holy Spirit had just given me a very important message: Release Your Faith!

How do I do that? How do I possibly "release my faith?"

"Look at those who have gone before you."
     They just stepped out.
"No buts. Just step out."

It's not that I didn't believe what was happening. Because when it occurred to me that this was a message just for me, I knew it in my heart. Yet, I still had some questions about exactly how I was supposed to "release my faith." Because, I just didn't know HOW.

According to, faith is defined as "confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof, and belief in God or in the doctrines or teaching of religion." 

In my mind, here's what I came up with... We can't see the air, yet we know it's there. We can't see germs, yet we know they're there. Especially when we get sick. And we can't see Him, but Jesus IS there too! In essence, faith is believing!

Faith IS Believing

It goes a whole lot further than that for me, though. Because at church that night, I heard another word from the Lord. Several words in fact, starting with a couple words from the pastor in his sermon. 
These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. ~John 16:33, NKJV (emphasis added)
"Be of good cheer." In other words, fear not, take heart, be courageous, because Jesus has "overcome the world!" Seriously, He HAS overcome. Not just one time, but continuously and forever! Because of that, I do not have to be afraid of what He has called me to do. All I have to do be be courageous and move forward.

The next word was, "Get your faith back!" I didn't realize that I had let my faith slip, but after the messages I was receiving the entire day, I realized that something slipped somewhere. So I most definitely needed to get back in line. The only way to do that was to pray and let God fix me.

I had to get my faith back. I had to just step out. So as people were coming forward to pray, I noticed a woman over to the side who was praying for someone else, and that's when it hit me. No, rather I was spiritually pushed in her direction, hearing that still small voice say, "Go to her. She has a message for you." So I did. That's where I got the final message.

Daughter, you have the anointing, you have the words! Step out in faith and just go! Go where I send you! And speak the words that I will give you!
Step out in faith. Go where I send you. Stepping out in faith, or releasing your faith, is to step out in the belief that Jesus will take care of your situation. He has promised to be there for you always, so you don't have to be afraid. 

Many people today feel that they have to do things on their own. They have to have control. But God has a Word for you today. Release Your Faith! When you let go of the control, faith takes over and God can do His wonderful work in and around you.

What are your needs today? Why not step out. Focus on Jesus and Release Your Faith!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Boys! I love boys. Don't get me wrong, I love girls too. Especially little girls. They're so cute... but this is about B-O-Y-S. 

I was always crazy about boys when I was growing up. Of course, I had two, younger, stinky brothers, Steve and Jason, and no sisters growing up, so that might have something to do with it. But I doubt it. 

My best friend when I was little, whom I hung out with, rode bicycles with, and fought like cats and dogs with was a boy. Chris. We've been friends now for "forty-something" years and he still tells people, "She is my oldest and best long-time friend." It's pretty special to have a friend that long, who thinks that way of you. Such a blessing

Me, with MY "boy"
One of my greatest blessings though, is my best-good-friend-ever-in-this-world, who also happens to be a boy, who grew into a man! Well, after thirty years of marriage, I think it's safe to say that at times he's STILL a boy! But I love him. My husband, D.A. 

I had two little girls who were precious as they could be. 
Rachel & Katie getting to visit their new brother, Logan

And then... we had a BOY. I had no earthly idea how sweet, cuddly, and just down right lovable this little boy could be. But he was! He's now twenty-two and married, but he is still my baby BOY. And he's still sweet, cuddly, and just down right lovable! Don't let him kid you.

Logan giving his Superhero pose

Our girls grew up and married BOYS, so we also have Sons-in-law now, too. Which is okay by me. 

Our oldest girl, Rachel, with her boys, Jake and Abraham

Our middle daughter, Katie with her "boy" Brett

Logan with his "girl" Rhiannon

But even though the boys in my life have been fun, playful, irritating, mean at times, tried my patience, and got me into all kinds of trouble, none of them have compared to the boys who have come into my life in the last seven years. I'm talking about my GRAND-BOYS!

I'm sure grand-girls are precious and those of you who have girls will tell me so. But for now, until I get a grand-girl, I'm gonna brag on my grand-boys! 

First, there is Radley. He just turned seven, which means he is going to start second grade in a couple of weeks. Yikes! I do not know where the time went with him. Then again, I don't know where the time went with his mommy, either! Because I distinctly remember dressing her all up and taking her to her first day of second grade! *sigh*
Radley, my little sweetheart

Radley is my little sweetheart. He loves to stay all night with Nonney and Paw Paw, ride the tractor, which he clearly states he can now drive! He also loves to ride on Paw Paw's motorcycle and go around curves. 
Can you tell Radley loves the motorcycle?

He looks so cute with his little helmet and goggles on! I think someday he will be riding his own motorcycle. Maybe. If we can ever get him to ride on his own two wheels! Hmm... maybe a trike would be in order. Radley belongs to our Number Two daughter, Katie, and her husband Brett.

Abraham sitting on Nonney's bike. He's not too sure.
Then there is Abraham (Abe). Abe is almost two, and he is one little funny man! He is my Peep-Eye. When he was born, he looked at me with one eye opened, hence the Peep-Eye. 

Abe, stealing Nonney's chair.
Abe lives just next door to Nonney and Paw Paw, and he loves to "run away" from home every chance he gets to go "out wide." He loves Thomas the Train, but I think he also loves coming to our house just as much. Especially if he can get in my bed and lay on Paw Paw's "pibbo." But I think Abe loves his "Yaddey" even more!

Nonney's Boys

Boys. I love 'em! Whether they're big or small, I realized that I am extremely blessed with an abundance of boys. It's not an accident by any means.

I know in my heart that this is all orchestrated by God. It is His design that I am surrounded by boys. Boys who will all grow up to be men. Men who will serve God. Men who will lead their families to serve God. It's all about HIM anyway.

Boys. A great idea, I think.

My "boy" and me...and ALL our boys and girls (even the dogs)!

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