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Sometimes I just feel really GOOFY. I happen to like Goofy! He is my favorite Disney character. He always has been. And I know some people who remind me of my Goofy. But this isn't about Goofy at all...I digress.

I love to be goofy. I love to act goofy. And I love to make people laugh. When I was speaking at a recent ladies retreat, they laughed. A lot. However, I do not know if they were laughing because I was funny, or if they were just laughing AT me because they thought, "Man! This chick is one goofy lady!" Because frankly, when I TRY to be funny, no one laughs. sounded funny in MY head! But when I said it out loud, no one else thought it was funny! Hmm...

Let me try to be serious though and people are doubling over holding their ribs because they are laughing so hard. Hey, I wasn't trying to be funny then! Hello!

You know, goofiness, laughter, happiness, joy, whatever you want to call it is a gift from God. He loves to see His kids have fun, smile, and yes...even laugh! I truly believe He enjoys it when we have fun. Of course, not at the expense of our brothers and sisters, but He does love to see us have fun. I think that's why He has given me the people who are in my life.

These people are the most goofy people anyone could ever have the privilege of raising, living with, and loving! I watched most of them grow up and become the goofiest people I know. Whether they are being funny, or being serious, they still... are goofy. In the words of my pastor, "And I like it like that!"

Let me just give you an example...

Introducing... Abraham!
He will be 2 the end of September. But this child can make his Nonney giggle...and everyone else in the family! He is very smart...and a very goofy little boy! And I love him! Abe likes chi-chen, bocki, fry-fries, and anything else that is edible! He is a bottomless pit!

 Abe also loves "Yaddey" (Radley).... Radley is 7, in second grade, and loves Scouts, Soccer, and making his Nonney laugh. But he loves making Abe laugh even more. He loves Jesus, and is not afraid to tell people about being "saved and vabtized." He also loves to show off his baby cousin. He truly is an awesome "Big Cousin."

Radley introducing Abe to his Scout buddies

 Radley is also a goofy little boy. He is my sweetheart. He will pose any time the cameras come out and always loves for Nonney to take a goofy picture of him doing silly things...and sometimes, Paw-Paw will get in on the antics. (I told you I had a goofy family)

 And then there is MY baby... Logan. Logan is an awesome guitar player, but he will tell you he isn't. Never believe him! God has gifted him. When he isn't playing guitar, or working construction with his dad, you can find Logan giving a bit of brotherly love to his youngest-older sister, Katie! She complains and yells, but don't let her fool you...she loves it!
Give your brudder a hug!.... "MOM! He's squishin' me!"

Logan loves to be goofy... in fact, I think he thrives on it. Especially when his nephews are around... or leave their hats or toys at Nonney's.

Katie (my middle child) also helps me out with mismatching all the mismatched socks I buy and putting them into baggies. She claims that it gives her "heartburn" to mismatch the socks. I offered her a pair, but when my back was turned, she took two MATCHING ones! She is definitely my Funny Girl!

 Then there is Rachel... my oldest. She is my serious one. She is definitely the "straight-man" of the bunch. Where Costello had Abbott, where Laurel had Hardy...we have Rachel. She can be goofy sometimes, but for the most part...she is very serious. She is the one with the degree.

Of course, look to the left of Rachel and you will find Jake! Jake has a Doctorate. He is a Pharmacist. But Jake is most definitely our comedian! At least, he makes me giggle! This mother-in-law finds her son-in-law most humorous, even when no one else does. We get in trouble a lot, just let me say.

Singing at dinner... Jake, Abraham, and Rachel (she's not singing) the right...trying to hide. "Did you just take my picture?"
My second son-in-law is Brett. Married to Katie, and daddy to Radley. Brett is a very hard worker. But when it comes to taking pictures, Brett tries very hard to hide from his mother-in-law! Of course, there is the rare occasion that I catch him off in this picture! Brett is very funny, too.

And newest to the family is Rhiannon! Whenever the cameras come out, Rhiannon makes sure she has a "camera face" especially for the camera! Talk about photogenic! The girl looks good even on a bad hair day...although I've never seen her have one!

Lunch date with Katie and Rhiannon

Rhiannon is not only my daughter-in-law...she is my "Ruth." She and I have a lot of things in common.

And our family wouldn't be complete without my husband, Don (D.A.)... he is the reason we are all goofy. Of course, he will tell you it's all MY fault! That is still up for debate.

He is the glue what holds us together... I think.

I definitely think this family is one goofy family. But deep inside they all have a love for the Lord. And while I say that my hubby is the glue that holds us together, we all know Who it really is that binds us tighter than any glue ever could.

God has definitely blessed us with some wonderfully talented, smart, loving, goofy people.

I think I'll keep 'em.

Just post for five seconds!


Patty Wysong said...

Oh-my-goodness!! I didn't realize DA looked soooo much like his dad!! Wow. Cool. =]

LOVED meeting your family!! =]

J'nell Ciesielski said...

Laughter is the most important thing in a family! And I don't mean the crazy uncle make you feel sorta awkward kind either. We have a few of those.

Shelley Wilburn said...

Patty - Yes, DA looks a LOT like his dad! You should see when they get together & Logan is here! Wow!

J'nell - We most definitely love to laugh around here! There is never a dull moment.

Susan said...

LOL! My BFF and I are always goofy together and I am beyond blessed by her in my life! Everyone needs to laugh:)

Joanne Sher said...

Love goofiness - my family is the same. In fact, you can't (legally) be a member of our family if you aren't a goofball ;)

Enjoyed this post so much :)

Karla Akins said...

Beautiful, beautiful family!!

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