Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!

One of the things I like about Duck Dynasty is the fact that the Robertson's are very open about their faith. According to Papaw Phil (as I like to call him), knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior makes you happy, happy, happy. Yet many people today would beg to differ, which makes me sad, sad, sad.

Anyone who has been on both ends of the spectrum can tell you that when you don't know Jesus, you have no idea what being happy really is. You fill your life with "things" always trying to get just one more to make life complete. But "just one more" can never fill the void in your life.

Many turn to drugs and alcohol. Many turn to pornography. Many turn to sports, or money, work, clothes, shopping, or any of a variety of things that they think will make them happy, happy, happy. Some even claim that these things make them happy. But when it's all said and done, when there are no more things to buy, no more games to watch, last call for alcohol, and you have to go home, what then? Where does the happiness go?

With Jesus, this never happens. You never get "buyer's remorse." You never feel like there's a hole in the middle of your chest because of the emptiness left by the lack of substance in your life. Jesus fills us so completely that we have no reason to want.

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want..." ~Psalm 23

He satisfies all the need we have in our lives. He provides for us. He takes care of us. He watches out for us and protects us. We literally have no need at all to be concerned! Of course, there is nothing wrong with sports, or hunting, fishing, shopping, or any of the other things I mentioned above. But when they become what consumes you, what keeps you going, then there's a problem. That's when those things become your "god" (little "g"). When you let them become more important than serving God (big "G"), then it's time to step back and evaluate your priorities.

There was a time that I allowed depression, stress, anxiety, panic, and intimidation to consume me. I could not function, let alone serve the Lord. I had so much pressed down inside me that it was all I thought about. I wanted to let go of it, but just didn't know how. I even said as much to the Holy Spirit as He kept telling me, "Just let go." But miracle of miracles, He then told me HOW to let go... and I did! I've been free ever since.

What are you holding onto? What is keeping you from your happiness? Don't you think it's time to let go of it? Take that step today. Walk into the waiting arms of the Lord... then rest and be happy, happy, happy!


Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

I love that show! Good way to connect it to how to be really happy.

J'nell Ciesielski said...

I just discovered DD and love it! It's clean, funny, and they could care less what people think about them. I also like the simpler take on things, including faith. You don't need all the bells and whistles of religion, just a relationship with Christ.

Tom Threadgill said...

We don't watch DD very often, but when we do, I always enjoy it. Loved your comment about no buyer's remorse with Jesus. So true! Thanks for sharing, Shelley!

Joanne Sher said...

I still haven't seen DD - but I really do need to watch it at some point! Sounds fun AND wonderful. And GREAT devo. Enjoyed this.

Susan Craft said...

Truly enjoy Duck Dynasty. Wholesome and fun.

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

I've never seen it, I don't have cable so don't expect to get the opportunity.

I remember how people use to say Christianity is a crutch. If someone told me that now, I would respond that yes that's so true- I need to lean on Jesus for my support!

Karla Akins said...

Okay, sister, this is getting ridiculous how our minds think alike. I promise I didn't even see this post when I wrote mine! ROFL.

Shelley Wilburn said...

Thanks all for your comments & words of encouragement, too! I've been away at a Joyce Meyer conference in St. Louis....VERY AWESOME!! And Karla...maybe we need to talk. LoL!! Love you all! ;-]

Linda Bartosik said...

I have to say that's the best explanation for believing I have read in a long, long time, Shelley. I will use a link to this post in one of my future blogs. Well-said! God bless your beautiful heart.
Linda :)

Shelley Wilburn said...

Aww, thank you Linda for those beautiful words! I'm humbled that you want to use my link. ;-]

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