Saturday, July 19, 2014

Snakes in the Garden

Have you ever walked out into your garden, or any garden for that matter, and come upon a snake? That's enough to give your heart palpatations! I'm not fond of snakes. In fact, I hate them. Yes, I know that some snakes are good for the garden, good for your yard, and eat mice and other not-so-lovely creatures. But they also eat the good ones too and will hide in the grass waiting to strike you when you least expect it. So I'm not fond of them. My husband dislikes them even more than I do, and he will go as far as to tell you that he hates them.

You know, a snake (serpent) is what the devil disguised himself as in the Garden of Eden when he pulled one over on Eve, and then Adam (see Genesis 3). Isn't that just like an enemy? Disguise himself as something else in order to trick you into thinking or acting a certain way, or to get you to mess up.

For years, he tricked me into believing that I was no good. He tricked me into believing that my life didn't matter, that no one cared about me, that I was useless, and most of all that God didn't have any use for me either. So, why even try? Why even get out of bed in the morning? No one was going to defend me. No one was going to care. No one was going to like me, love me, or help me. Wrong!

I had been married for nearly thirty years, raised three children, watched them grow up, get married, and begin having children of their own, and I still thought I didn't have a purpose! How ridiculous was that! I slipped in and out of depression, had panic and anxiety attacks with no warning, and my weight fluctuated up and down for years. But then  a miracle happened...God healed me!

For too many years I had listened to one snake after another tell me I couldn't, I shouldn't, and I wouldn't. But God said I COULD, I SHOULD, and I WOULD! He knew before I was even born that I would be writing this right now. The enemy knew I would and tried to prevent it. But you know what? The enemy doesn't have any power. For too many years I allowed the enemy to control me, until I discovered that he only had power because I gave it to him. Not anymore!

The enemy is a sneaky, vile, snake who is waiting to strike when you least expect it. But he doesn't have any power. You do! You need to put your foot down right on top of the enemy and take control back! You may be wondering how to do that. Let me explain; all you have to do is make up your mind, and tell him NO! Then ask the Lord to fill you with peace, comfort, and a sound mind, because the truth is that you do NOT have a spirit of fear. You do have power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

It's time to get the snakes out of your garden. 


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