Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let "It" Go

Sometimes you just have to let it go. "It" can be anything; anger, sadness, a grudge, jealousy, envy, past hurts, painful words, intimidation, ugly thoughts and notions, a bad relationship or friendship, a fear, or a bad doctor's report. It can be anything especially if "It" holds you back from a relationship with Jesus.

"It" can get in the way of moving forward with the Lord. "It" can also keep you from living the life God designed for you. Sometimes you can let go of one "It" and another one will present itself to take "It's" place. 

I know this from experience. I lived with several "It's" for too many years. When God healed me, I let "It" go... but another "It" presented itself. Then another. Then another. I battled them for a while and kept the "It's" at bay. But once when I wasn't looking, another "It" crept in and attached itself to me. I carried "It" around with me for a while, all the time convincing myself that I was doing the right thing. All along determined that I was right.

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My biggest "It" was a fear that latched itself to me over twenty years ago, when my mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was promptly told that "It" (cancer) runs in the family. I didn't want this "It." So I avoided it, ran from it, ignored it, and all those other things to prevent me from having to face the "It." But "It" hit me square in the face one afternoon and I could no longer avoid "It."

I was called to come back in for a second scan after a recent mammogram. Something didn't look right, so they wanted to take another look. I made the appointment for the following week. However, I did not receive the information. In the name of Jesus, I stood on every promise that He made to me. Ultimately, everything turned out "perfectly normal" and there was "absolutely nothing there." My faith had been shaken, but instead of hiding in fear, I stood boldly claiming the promises God made to me.

Letting your "It" go doesn't mean that you don't feel fear. It also doesn't mean that you get a good report from the doctor. It just means that you change your focus from the "It" to the One Who is in control of all things. Regardless.

I don't know why I went through what I did, other than to increase my relationship and trust with the Lord. Or maybe so that I could have an understanding for women who are facing this very thing right now.

I do know this; the "It" that I was convinced was chasing me for the last twenty years has not been chasing me. I've been supposed to be chasing IT! Sword drawn, rebuking, and casting IT OUT... In Jesus' name!

It's time to let "It" go and reclaim your life back! And if you're afraid well, just do it afraid! The battle is already won! Jesus took care of your "It."


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