Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Purpose of it All

I've found myself in a quandary lately. It's easy to do. When we get so focused on the busyness of the holidays we can often forget the reason we have them in the first place. No one is immune and it's easy to get so busy that we forget to be thankful to God for the blessings He gives us. Then we forget to celebrate the real Reason we have the Christmas season. If Jesus hadn't been born, we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas at all. What purpose then, would we have for living? And there is the quandary.

A sweet friend was recently having difficulty knowing what her purpose is. I think we all have that issue at some point in our lives. Often, it's as plain as can be but we just aren't ready to step into it. We all have a purpose. Before God created even time, He was already thinking about each one of us individually and He had a plan and purpose for us. 

The beauty of our purpose is that each one is different, yet each one is the same; all at the same time. Maybe that sounds confusing, but let me put it another way. We all have an anointing, a calling, on our lives. Mine is to write and encourage others with the healing story God gave me. It's a gift. Someone else may have the gift of healing, or praying for people. So how are they tied together? Both my gift, my anointing and calling, and yours are to be used to help others come to know Jesus and to bring glory to Him! Different, yet the same.

The purpose of it all is to point people to Jesus. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Him. Granted, I had to go through a lot of mud and muck, but eventually it all worked together for the good that you see now. So how did I get in a quandary? I allowed the devil to attack me.

When God calls us to use our gifts and walk out our purpose, we are on a road that leads to what God has destined  us to become. The enemy knows what we could be and that scares him. So, he takes it upon himself to sabotage us any way he can. That includes causing us to doubt ourselves. If he can cause us to slow down, slip up, or turn back, then he's thrown a kink in God's Divine plan for our lives.

But God is greater, smarter, and more powerful than the enemy! Don't for one moment think that if we slow down, slip up, or turn back that the enemy won. Because the enemy never wins! He's already lost. The greatest thing about the purpose of it all is that we are victors. We have already won. We are more than conquerors. We can't lose. Because even when the enemy thinks we've lost the battle, even when other people think we've lost the battle, we have really won!

We win because Jesus won! So whether we make mistakes (which we will) or not, God has a plan and purpose for it all. How far will God go to bring His plan into reality? How far will God go to show the purpose of it all? Oh I don't know, maybe being born in a lowly manger. Maybe on a cross on a hill where Jesus died for the sins of humanity. Maybe an empty tomb where He rose from the dead and walked out three days after being laid to rest. Or maybe coming back like He promised, to bring all His kids home where they belong. 

The purpose of it all is that we all have a purpose. We aren't just here by accident. We have a job to do. Our purpose is to use whatever means we have been given, whatever special abilities we have been gifted with, to tell others about Jesus.

If He can save me, He can save you. If He can heal me, He most certainly can heal you. If He loves me, He definitely loves you. You are important to Him and you most definitely have a purpose. 


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