Saturday, February 21, 2015

Join the Walking Healed Book Launch Team

Hi, Friends!

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I need your help.

In just a few short weeks my first book, Walking Healed is being released. Here's a blurb about it:

"Sometimes...we have to get to a certain point in our lives where we are actually ready for God to use us. And God has to get us to that certain point in our lives when the clay is ready for the Master's hands. I was at that point the night God healed me."
~ Shelley Wilburn, excerpt from Walking Healed

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you weren't suffering depression, intimidation, or even verbal or mental abuse? Depression is a very real issue for many people. It causes health issues, affects relationships, marriages, your weight, and even your walk with the Lord. Many people don't understand that even Christians suffer depression. Shelley Wilburn knows and understands a life lived in the "black hole" of depression and intimidation. She suffered it for over forty years. She also knows what it's like when God heals you from it all, sending you on a wonderful journey of walking healed.

In Walking Healed, Shelley uses personal stories and biblical truths to encourage others and experience the hope that she walks in every day. She uses her story of healing to help others know that even depression is curable and that "nothing is impossible with God."

Walking Healed
A Journey of Forgiveness, Grace, and Hope

I'm looking for people to join the book launch team, making a commitment to share statuses, tweet, blog, review, and create general buzz about Walking Healed on and around the release date (to be announced).

If you are accepted as a team member, here are the benefits:

1. A free, electronic review pdf of the book in advance of the publication date.
2. A chance to win prizes! (I'll do a special giveaway once a week for several weeks during promotion).
3. Access to me and other team members in a Private Facebook Group.
4. A thank you link to your blog or website from my blog.
5. A guest post slot here on my website.

Team member requirements:
* A four week commitment to spread the word about the book online (the four weeks needed will probably start March 1st)
* Blog about the book, do a review, or a giveaway, or a Q&A with me on your site.
* Read and review the book online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, etc...)
* Interact with the rest of the WH team and participate in the community to help come up with promotion ideas.


Fill out the form below, submit it, and I'll contact you regarding details.

Also, share this post with other bloggers/social media friends who may be interested in joining in the fun!

Finally, leave a message letting me know you want to help out!

Thanks so much!! 


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