Monday, February 2, 2015

Staying On Course

Scripture Memory Journey III

You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. You're blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. ~Psalm 119:1-2, The Message

I was trying to decide on which verse to memorize this time. I realized that it was Sunday night, the first of February and I had yet to choose my next verse. It didn't matter that the first fell on a Sunday and that I had been at church all day, serving the Lord, watching and waiting for a Word from Him so I would know what to do next. He had already given me my instructions, my assignment. Several assignments to be exact. They were all lining up neatly in a row and I was privileged to be chosen to participate. But I still had no memory verse.

Not to worry! God is a great multi-tasker if anything else. He would give me my verse at just the right time. Dates and deadlines for myself did not matter. We are on God's time...and it wasn't time yet.

That evening I had chosen my verse to memorize. I decided to write it down on a notebook, but didn't have one sitting next to me (I know. A writer who's unprepared.) so I went into the bedroom to find one. I instantly found a notebook that I hadn't used in a few months. I had got it at a women's conference and just laid it to the side after making notes for something else. But here it was now and displayed directly on a clean page was the Scripture you see above. God wanted me to know this verse.

There is so much revealed in this verse and it spoke directly to my heart, encouraging me, leading me, chastising me, and blessing me all at the same time. I am blessed! More than that, I am blessed when I stay on course, the course He has set for me. By staying on course, I know that God is encouraging me in that things are going to get exciting very soon, just keep walking, keep trusting, and keep my eyes on Him. He will reveal the path He wants me to take as I walk. He will do the same for you, too. Keep walking Lovelies! Keep walking!

Not only that but, I'm blessed when I follow His directions. He has given us explicit directions. Each one of us have directions to follow. They are found in His Word. Mine may be different than yours, but the fact is that if we follow His directions, not our own, He will bless us. Right now in this season of my life, my directions are very clear. I'm doing all I can to follow them. Of course, sometimes I do get a little off course but, I instantly know it and do the best I can to get back on course. When we stay on course and follow His directions, He in turn will bless us.

I'm blessed when I do my best to find Him. How do we find God? We search for Him in prayer, in His Word, and simply by following Him. When we put forth the effort to find Him, He will reveal Himself to us. He will bless us. His Word says so. That's a promise, and God doesn't go back on His Word.

How exciting to find this particular verse this time! It's like getting an early Valentine from God. I hope it makes you feel as special as it makes me feel. We are so blessed. Stay on course, walk steadily on your road, the road revealed by God, follow His directions and do your best to find Him. You'll be just fine. 

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Vanessa Knepp said...

Wonderful reminder! ~Vanessa K

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