Monday, March 2, 2015

All Gone

Scripture Memory Journey #5

I was thinking about what verse to use this time for the Scripture Memory Journey. But then I thought about something someone told me about their recent healing and I realized that there are so many who could be walking healed if they only realized that their past is gone. That's when I found this verse: 
Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. ~Galatians 5:24, NLT

Wow. When I read that verse it occurs to me that everything I’ve ever done, everything in my past has been nailed to the cross and crucified (killed, destroyed, vaporized). It’s gone. So why do some of us still suffer? Why do we battle with things we asked God to forgive us for? Because as humans, we can’t let go of the past.

When God healed me of depression, intimidation, and the things that were holding me down He destroyed them. He forgot about them. He made me a brand new person inside and out. I walked around for several days afterward feeling really weird, like there was a hold inside me, like I had lost a tremendous amount of weight. And all of that is true! Because when God healed me He removed all those ugly things that were suffocating me, the depression, the lies, the insults, the bullying, anxiety, low self-esteem, regret, sins, and everything else that was tying me down preventing me from becoming who He designed me to be.

I came out of that encounter with Him a brand new person. Now don’t misunderstand, I was a Christian. I was saved. But for way too long I let others dictate who I was. I wasn’t living in the freedom that was given to me the night I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. No one ever told me that I was truly free! All I knew was that I wasn’t going to hell when I died, and even that was doubtful in my mind.

The enemy is very sneaky about these things. If he can place a doubt in your mind, or place someone in your life who can create misery, he will use that against you to prevent you from becoming the overcoming conqueror that you are.

But you’re so much more than that! You are more than you know. All the things you’re going through you have freedom from. You have the power to overcome. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you belong to Christ Jesus, then all those things have been nailed to the cross and are dead. So don’t try to pluck them back off and carry them around!

You may be thinking that it sounds so easy. You might think well, you don’t understand what I’m going through. You don’t understand what I’ve lost. You don’t understand my life. No, I sure don’t. And you don’t understand mine. But Jesus does. And He died for yours and for mine and they’re gone, my lovelies. They. Are. Gone! The only thing holding you back is you.

Stop listening to the enemy today. Stop allowing others in your life to tell you these things “run in the family” or that this is “your lot in life.” It isn’t! You can rise above it. You can overcome it. Read the verse again from The Message;

 Legalism is helpless in bringing this about; it only gets in the way. Among those who belong to Christ, everything connected with getting our own way and mindlessly responding to what everyone else calls necessities is killed off for good—crucified. ~Galatians 5:23-24, The Message

When we listen to man made rules about God, when we start thinking we can’t be close to Him because of our past, or things we’ve done, or things others tell us, then we’re not focused on God but on things of the world. We have to stop and refocus our priorities.

Your past is gone. If you have asked God to forgive you, your sins are gone. Nailed to the cross with Jesus and crucified, once and for all.


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