Thursday, June 11, 2015

Which Do You Choose; Scary or Safe?

"...the things worth doing in life are often the things that scare us the most." ~Jeff Goins, Writer and Author of The Art of Work

How many times have you found yourself standing on a precipice, with a decision to either step out and go for it (whatever "it" is), or step back and be safe? Step out and trust God to heal you, save you, or just give everything you are to Him, or step back and just live life and take whatever happens. 

How often have you held back because of fear? It's easier to be safe instead of scared, right? But a life without taking risks is really no life at all. If you live in constant fear, if you allow fear to paralyze you, you aren't living. You aren't walking in your anointing or your calling and yes, you do have one. 

I lived that way for too many years. I wouldn't step out because of fear. But one night I stepped out simply because I was tired of living in fear, intimidation, and depression. And my life was changed forever. Since then, have I been completely rid of fear? No. There are a lot of things that scare me. But I step out anyway and do them afraid. I don't step out in fear, but I step out in faith.

You see, scary things don't necessarily mean that you shouldn't do them. Because the very thing God may be calling you to do may just be the thing that scares the dickens out of you (whatever a dickens is). The new, unknown, different, they are all scary things to us. But having faith in God, the One Who created not only us but the very universe we live in, is the greatest accomplishment we could have. In doing so, we place ourselves in a position to do great things; great and mighty, wondrous things that we had no clue we could accomplish. But with the strength that comes only from Christ, we are able. We just have to have faith.

We are all just ordinary people. However, we can do extraordinary things if we allow God to use us. That in itself is scary. We have to take risks. We have to step out into the unknown. We have to take a deep breath and say, "Okay God, use me. Whatever you've planned for me, here I am. I'll do it. I want to do what you want me to. Bless me in this, Lord. Enlarge my territory. I'm willing to do it. And by the way Lord, I'm scared." Here's a secret; He all ready knows you're scared. But by admitting it, by being willing, and by putting your faith and trust in Him and stepping out anyway, you show Him that you mean it.

When I built this website, I was scared. When I started writing I was confident, but scared. What if no one ever read my stuff? What if someone didn't like what I write? When I published my book, I was scared. When I launched the book and did my first book signing, I was scared. But I did it. With the Lord's help, I did it. If I had procrastinated through it, analyzed and debated about it, I would have never done any of it. If I had been that way on May 30, 2012, none of the above would have happened either, because I would have never been healed. Yes, even the night God healed me I was scared. Yet I stepped out, scared but still willing.

You can, too. What is it that God is calling you to do today? I know it's scary. You've never been down this road before. But may I encourage you today? Step out on the road. Do it scared. Don't be safe. Be reckless! C'mon out! 

Now I'm not saying go out and put yourself into thousands of dollars in debt. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying to go out and do something that is life-altering in a way that will hurt you or others. What I am saying is trust God. If it's positive, if it's helpful, if it's Godly, and you absolutely know that God is in it, step out. 

I fully undersand your scary. I'm right there with you. I'm right in the middle of something God is building around me, and it's scary for me. It's not out of reason, but I've never done it. However, I know He is in control and my Heavenly Daddy won't let me fall. So I'm stepping out. 

Scary or safe? Which is it? I'll choose scary. Because I know in my heart that stepping out into the scary I will also ultimately be safe.

*Excerpt taken from Jeff Goins' blog post, "My Latest Experiment: Launching a Conference - Why I'm Scared & Doing It."


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