Saturday, September 26, 2015

Who Needs It?

I'm presently sitting in a very nice hotel room two blocks from Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  The door to my sixth-floor balcony is propped open with the trash can because the live band playing Blues music is awesome. Plus, there's a very nice, cool breeze coming in that door. Hey, we're six floors up, no one can window peep (the curtains are closed anyway)!

While I'm sitting here, typing on my iPad,  I'm thinking about all those people I saw earlier as we strolled along Beale Street, my husband and I holding hands, enjoying the scenery and bright lights...and looking for a Starbucks. Okay, I may have a slight addiction. But people watching has become a sort of hobby for me. I love to smile at people as we pass on the street.

I love to try to make eye contact with various people. I want to see their eyes. Are they clear and bright? Dull and lifeless? Sad? Angry? Hurting? Lonely? The eyes are a window into the soul of that person. They tell the story before the mouth will. So in a brief passing if a person will make eye contact, and you are paying attention, you can learn a lot.

How many of those eyes will tell you, "I just want someone to understand?" How many more will say, "I'm hiding behind a lifetime of hurt?" Some even say, "I just want to be healed, but I don't know how."

Everywhere Jesus went, people came to Him to be healed of one thing or another. Some would not ispeak up. Some would. Some would think, if I could just get close enough to touch Him, I will be healed. And they were. But there were also those whom Jesus walked right up to and boldly asked, "Do you want to be made well?" or "What do you want Me to do for you?" Can you imagine?

But really, who needs it? Who really needs healing? And from what? Well, in my case it was depression, intimidation, no self-esteem, no self-worth, and a few other things that just really kept me from having that close relationship with the Lord that He desired to have with me. It also kept me from operating in the ministry He was calling me into, that I thought was just my silly, girlish daydreams. Turns out, I wasn't wrong!

So many people right now are walking in depression, poverty, sadness, hurt, intimidation, abuse, and many other things when they could be walking healed. If they would just look up. Look into their eyes. What do you see? Someone who needs healing? My hope is that when people look into mine, they see Jesus.

So, who needs it?


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