Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Here!

It’s Christmas.

The presents are opened.  Paper everywhere.  Food.  Too much food.  Family is here, there, and everywhere.  The excitement is either just beginning for some or it has dwindled and is all but over for others.  Regardless, it’s Christmas.

It may be a “commercialized pressurized social extravaganza that exploits the bank accounts and credit cards of millions” to some people, but to a vast majority of others Christmas is a very special event.

It’s THE time

Christmas is the time, the time to celebrate the one time that changed all of history for all of humanity for all time.  When Grace was poured out onto an unloving, undeserving, unsuspecting world. 

I could skirt around the issue.  I could segue into one analogy after another.  Yet the fact remains that once all the presents are opened, the food consumed, the family dispersed around the house or wherever it is that they go, the one Truth still remains; Jesus came.  For us.

Because of love

Why did He come?  Because of love.  Hard to fathom, isn’t it?  How could someone love me that much that He would give his life for me?  Maybe if we think about it like this; look at your kids, your grandkids.  How much do you love them?  Would you give your life for them?  Would you trade your life for theirs if the moment came?  Yes.  I would.  I love them that much.  Yes, He loves you that much, too.  And He did trade his life for yours.  That’s why He came.

Still hard to comprehend, isn’t it?  It’s okay.  Grace is a difficult thing to grasp.  But that’s exactly what we need to do.  Reach out, receive it, grasp onto it, never let it go.  It’s free.  It’s a very special gift.  Just receive it.  It’s the greatest Gift.

The greatest things aren’t ever things.

I heard once that the greatest things aren’t ever things.  Those presents under the Christmas tree aren’t the greatest things.  It doesn’t matter the amount of money you’ve spent.  It’s not about things.  It’s about Christ.

We always get our Christmas miracle.

We look for miracles in the everyday.  We ask for miracles, yet we already have one.  We always get our Christmas miracle.  It doesn’t matter what circumstance we’re in.  If we take our eyes off our circumstances we will find our miracle.  Jesus is our miracle and we can have as much of Him as we want, any time we want Him.

Take hold and receive it.

Christmas.  It’s here whether we want it or not, whether we accept it or not.  Christmas is love, grace poured out.  For you to know that love, take hold of it and receive it.  Once you take hold of it, never let it go because once you receive it, Love will never let go of you.

Merry Christmas to you!  Celebrate it all year long, because truly it’s not just a once a year event, but an all year long, lifelong celebration!

With love,



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