Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Straighten Your Crown

I sit here looking out the window.  It’s raining.  Still.  There’s a moat around my house.  Not a real one, but there’s been so much rain that it sure looks like a moat out there.  I’m wondering if floaties on the car would be appropriate for today.  The weather alert on my phone went off earlier with a flash flood warning.  Wow.  In December. 

Lovely moat around my house. LOL
 I could dwell on the dreariness.  I could dwell on the isolation.  Because frankly, where I live I could easily get flooded and have to stay indoors for days.  My satellite dish just lost signal.  Nice.  But wait a minute… I’m warm.  I’m dry.  I have food, clothing, heat, and an abundance of other things.  I’m just fine.  I’m surviving.  

Many people today would dwell on the negative.  They would thrive on pushing the negative on others, too.  But that’s not what God wants us to do!  This isn’t about the dark and dreary, although an Edgar Allan Poe story would be fun to read today.  No, this is about shining light in the darkness.  Because as a friend recently said;

“Sometimes on dark days you might think, ‘nobody cares and nobody’s coming.’ That’s when I want you to remember who sends thoughts like that, and you straighten your crown.” ~Dr. Jeannie Killian

The enemy of our souls would love nothing more than for us to begin to think, act, and live defeated.  Oh, but what he also wants us to forget is that we are not defeated.  He is!  He is the defeated one.  He prowls around.  He roars.  He fights.  And in this rain it would be really easy for us to begin to think, “Nobody cares about me,” “Nobody’s coming, I’m alone.”  Yet, that’s a big, fat lie.  You are not alone.   And Somebody has already come for you, fought the fight for you, and won the battle for you.  That makes you more than a conqueror!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through.  It doesn’t matter what you’re going through.  You, my dear lovely one are victorious.  You have all the necessary things inside you to rise up and shine brighter than the brightest star in the sky.  You possess everything needed to be the winner that you are.  And the best thing about that is that no one and I mean NOT ONE PERSON can prevent you from taking hold of that and running with it.

Straighten your crown.  Straighten it!  Right now.  Sister, you are a Princess.  You wear a crown.   You are a daughter of the Most High King!  You are royalty.  Sure it would be real easy right now to get sniffly and teary eyed and all bummed out because life is pitching you one lemon after another.  But with all this rain honey, go out there, set out some pitchers and catch some of it.  Then go inside and make some lemonade.  Better yet, straighten your crown, put on your tutu and go dance in the rain!  Dance like nobody’s watching.

Trust me when I say that all those dark, dreary thoughts are not coming from God.  Nope.  They aren’t.  God is not the author of confusion, fear, darkness, or bad stuff happening in your life.  God is love.  God is wisdom.  God is the Father of lights.  Everything good comes down from Him and is meant for our good.  He wants good things for you.  He has great big plans for you.  And whatever the enemy throws at you meaning to destroy you, God will make something good out of it.

Straighten your crown dear lovely one.  Smile and know that you are chosen and you are loved by the Creator of the universe. 


Karen-Fontbonne said...

A friend posted the image and words on facebook. I had to, really had to, search for it and found your site. Thanks. Karen

camille parkman said...

Hi Shelley! Love that saying 'straighten your crown'! Is that original to you or Dr Jeannie? I would love to write a song using that phrase so I'm looking for permission...


camille parkman said...

If you'd rather email me its camille.parkmam@gmail.com

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