Friday, January 22, 2016

Tutus and Tiaras

It’s a new year!  Some people may cheer about that, others may groan.  For me, it’s been a bit of both.  I could whine, cry, throw my hands in the air and stomp, but would it really solve anything?  No.  Might make me feel better.  Then again, it might just make things worse.  What good is throwing a fit anyway?  Might as well shine my tiara, put it back on straight, fluff my tutu and move forward.
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How about you?  Is your tiara a bit tarnished?  Has it slipped a bit cockeyed on your head?  Is your tutu in a bunch, or maybe a little flat?  No worries.  God still loves you and He’s still got a really cool plan for your life.  His plan has never changed, even though we may think it did.

What do you think happened when Jonah spent three days in the belly of that great fish?  He had a lot of time to think, that’s for sure.  But when he was spit out onto the dry land what happened after that?  The Bible says that “God’s word came to Jonah a second time…” and guess what?  It was the same as before.  It didn’t change.

Imagine that.  

God’s word did not change.  Let me reiterate that.  It. Did. Not. Change.  It’s like when we tell our kids to clean their room.  They don’t.  They get in trouble.  Then what?  We tell them again.  “Clean your room.”  Do we love them any less?  No.  Does God love us any less when we’ve been disobedient?  No.

But what about when life just chews us up and spits us out and we haven’t done anything to deserve it?  What then?  Our poor little tiara loses its sparkle.  Maybe it slips off to the side.  Our tutu loses its pouf.  And maybe we pout…just a little.  Well, instead of a pity party, stand up straight sister.  Shine that tiara on your sleeve and put it back on your beautiful head where it belongs.  Fluff up your tutu a bit so it’ll look sweet.  Then hold your head up and pirouette. 

The Creator of the Universe, God, still loves you.  His promises for you are still the same.  His call on your life is still there.  His gifts to you are still yours.  The only thing that has happened is that you slipped and maybe you splashed a little mud on yourself.  No biggie.  So don’t let the devil or anyone else tell you that God can’t use you anymore because that’s a big ‘ol lie.

Sweet, sweet sisters, God adores you so much, tarnished, crooked tiara, flat tutu and all.  He doesn’t care about the fact that your tiara slipped off center.  In fact, it’s the off centered ones He’s looking for.  He uses the broken, bruised, scarred, cracked, uniqueness of your life to make something beautiful.  So smile and move forward.  God has great big plans for you.

You are more than a conqueror, sweet one.  There is no weapon that has ever or will ever prosper against you.  Because when God calls you, He also equips you.  There is a wonderful story being written in you.  Walk it out, steps, stumbles, trips, cracks, all of it.  It’s your story and it’s beautiful.  Just like you.

The new year is going to be fantastic.


Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

Love this image of flat tutus and slipping tiara. Fits me perfectly, needed to read this today.

Shelley Wilburn said...

Oh Diana, I totally understand! Sometimes I feel like this is how I look every day.

Dora Hiers said...

Shelley Wilburn, you're such an encourager. Love this post, and you, sweet friend. Happy weekend! Stay safe and warm. xo

Shelley Wilburn said...

Thank you so much, Dora! It's because of sweet friends like you all that I can be encouraging. Love you too, my friend. ;-]

The Gary Reynolds Family said...

We love your quote that starts "sometimes...on dark days I think ....nobody cares and nobody is coming.,,," along with the picture of the adorable young girl with her crown. Could we have your permission to copy the picture and quote for a Women's Conference were planning? Thank you for your help!

Shelley Wilburn said...

That wasn't my picture. I was borrowing it from another friend's post, who got permission to use it. It just kind of snowballed. However, I have seen that picture and that quote on several non-related posts, so I have to assume it's getting great notoriety! Thank you for reading and good luck with your women's conference. ;-]

Shelley Wilburn said...

P.S. to the Gary Reynolds Family... if you need help with your Women's Conference, I have spoken at a few. ;-]

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