Friday, February 26, 2016

What Are You Dreaming Of?

I’ve had this obsession with tutus and tiaras lately.  I don’t know what it is really.  But I do know that; 1) I like tutus and 2) the tiara is just part of my identity.  There’s also a 3) the tutu goes nicely with my mismatched socks (okay it doesn’t match, hence it goes nicely) and 4) the tiara works well with my purple hair (work with me here there is a point).

All in all, the whole of it is I am a Princess.  I am a child of God.  I am a royal priesthood, an heir to a kingdom.  In fact, I hold that heiress position jointly with Jesus.  I was adopted in the day I asked to be saved.  My position was bought the day Jesus died on the cross.  It was sealed three days afterward when He rose again from the grave.  All I had to do when I came along was accept Him into my heart.

Yeah, I know it sounds out of this world… and it is.  Yet it’s all true.  Oh if you only knew.  If you could only fathom the lengths that God went to in order to assure that you would be part of His family.  How far would He go?  To think about you even before He created time, to set a whole plan in motion for how you would be able to be included in this master plan, I mean really it’s greater than genius.

Yes, it's places.
So for an eccentric, purple haired, mismatched socks wearing Nonney (that’s a grandma) to come along sporting a tutu and tiara, telling you that God has a plan for you no matter your background, your looks, or your activities, you have to at least be curious that God just might be interested in you.

Okay, so I didn’t always have an obsession with tutus or tiaras.  Nor did I always have purple hair or wear mismatched socks.  There was a time when you wouldn’t have caught me wearing any of those things because I was too self-conscious and too worried about what others would think or say about me.  I was scared, intimidated, frozen in fear.  I was nearly non-functional because of the fear and anxiety, controlled by the depression that kept me in the darkest of pits.

It wasn’t pretty down there.  It was lonely and frightening.  But thankfully God rescued me out of that.  He set me on a course to interact with others who are dealing with the same things; depression, intimidation, anxiety, low self-esteem, no self-worth, and the fear of what others will say or do if they step out into their own.

Listen dear lovelies God wants you to step out.  He wants you to walk in the awesome, beautiful, unique way that He designed you.  No, I don’t wear a real tutu out in public.  I don’t wear a tiara, but God has one for me.  However, I do wear mismatched socks and I do have purple hair and I love it.  Props.  They’re all props for the ministry that I do.  They’re useful.  They are things that God has given me so that I can get your attention in order to tell you the wonderful things He’s done for me and that He wants to do for you.

Do I care what others think of me now?  No.  Am I concerned about what they may say?  A little.  But in reality, I don’t have time for that.  The enemy wants me to fret over it, but he also doesn’t want me to succeed either.  Instead, I remember what God said to me the night He healed me.  He let me know that He chose me, He anointed me to bring you good news that those of you who are suffering in depression, being held captive in the black hole, the pit, frozen in fear and anxiety will be released.  The Lord has sent me to say those who can’t see that they are the most wonderful, chosen, loved people in the eyes of God will be able to see.  I’m here to announce that the oppressed will be freed from whatever is controlling you.  And I’m here to tell you that the time of God’s favor is now (Luke 4:18-19, NLT). 

I’m on a mission, dear friendlies.  God sent me.  He’s been training me.  He’s been working with me.  And He is letting me work as I learn.  Sure, I mess up.  I sometimes get off track and wander for a bit.  But when I do, though God disciplines me, and yes it’s not pleasant but I learn something.  I talk to Him. He forgives me and He shows me what to do differently.  Want to know something?  He wants to do the same thing with you, too.

He’s got something unique for you to do.  It may not be tutus, tiaras, purple hair or mismatched socks but I guarantee that it’s something unique just for you.  And it’s probably something that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.  Don’t you think it’s about time to come out of the dark and let God help you make your dreams a reality?  He’s ready for you to.  Maybe it’s time for you to shine that tiara, put it back on straight and step out into the light so you can sparkle.

So tell me… what are you dreaming of?


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