Friday, April 15, 2016

Run Through the Dark

A while back there were a few nights that were beautiful.  The sky was clear and the full moon was so bright that it lit up the yard in a bluish glow.  Of course, in the middle of the night it’s still difficult to see very far, but just gazing out the window I was able to see enough to know God can make the ugliest things beautiful with just a little light.

There was a time though, when I was in the dark and it wasn’t pretty.  The fog was so thick I couldn’t see even on a sunny day.  The fear pressed in on me so heavily that it took my breath. Depression is like that.  The fear, confusion, and utter devastation can cripple a body and cause you to believe that nothing will ever get you out of that.

It’s a lie

When you’re in the deepest pit of darkness and are about to give up, may I give you some advice?  Run through the dark!  Run, dear lovelies.  Press through it.  Yes, I know the weight seems to be too much.  That’s exactly what the devil wants you to believe.  He’s a liar. 

I know the darkness is overwhelming.  I’ve been there.  I’ve felt the hopelessness.  I’ve been terrified of those creepy noises in the recesses of your mind that whisper ugly things.  They remind you of your mistakes.  They try to get you to believe you’ve gone too far to be rescued.  They’re lying.  Because help is within reach.

Help is a breath away

With even just a whisper, you can run through the darkness and the Lord will be there to pull you through to the light.  Ah, but the enemy doesn’t want you to know that.  He wants you to believe that you’re broken beyond repair.  He wants you to believe that God doesn’t love you anymore, that He’s done with you.

The devil is a liar

He wants to keep you in the dark.  But darlings, if you’ll put on your running shoes and run through the dark you will find something amazing waiting for you on the other side.  You will come out alive and in one piece.  You may have some scars, but lovelies those scars will be your story to encourage someone else.

Use your scars

You may think the scars left behind from your stay in the darkness are an ugly reminder of the trials you’ve been through.  Think again.  Though the devil meant to destroy you, God had a perfect plan all along.  He planned for you to use those scars to show the beauty of His love for you, His healing, and His deliverance.  All for you.  You are not alone.  You never were.

Oh dear ones, you have no idea just how much God loves you right now.  The darkness cannot overtake you.  The darkness cannot overcome the Light.  Jesus is your Light.  He’s your life and your hope. 

Light shatters darkness
The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.  Darkness is just darkness.  So when light penetrates the darkness it shatters it.  Darkness cannot overtake light.  But light has the ability to get rid of darkness just by shining.  If Jesus is the Light and He’s your light, then you are no longer in darkness lovely one.

Run Through the Darkness

Run through it!  You carry the light of Jesus within you.  So wherever you go, you shine.  Even if it’s the smallest of a flicker, you are still shining.  If you’re shining, you are shattering darkness.  Bet you didn’t know that.  Can you imagine what you’re doing if you’re running through the darkness, carrying even just the flicker of a light?

Run through the dark dear lovelies.  As you run, others will see your light and you’ll give them a way out of the darkness, too.  You’ve been in the dark way too long.  It’s time to run.


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