Sunday, September 18, 2016

Book Giveaway...and a Whole Lot More!

Walking Healed, first edition ©ShelleyWilburn
Hey, Y’all! So, a year ago I published my first book, Walking Healed, A Journey of Forgiveness, Grace, and Hope. This book is a glimpse into my journey of healing and is written to encourage those who suffer depression, anxiety, intimidation, and abuse. Frankly, anyone suffering from these or any kind of addiction or disorder will be encouraged. 

I wrote the book in a way that tells bits and pieces of my story, but then shows how God can make those negative things work for your good. God is our good, good, Father and everything in our lives He always works out for good. Walking Healed shows all of that and more.

The book has been out for a year. But I wanted people to have an even deeper experience and really learn how to walk healed. That’s why I’m so excited to announce the release of the Walking Healed Companion Study; Finding Healing, Forgiveness, Grace, Hope, and Your Purpose. In this five-week Bible study, we go on a journey together using Walking Healed, and we dive into God’s Word to find each of the above mentioned areas of our lives.
Walking Healed Companion Study ©ShelleyWilburn
We visit each topic for one week. During that time we will learn to use God’s Word to speak over our lives, how to pray through our difficulties, and finally wind up finding our purpose. Each topic leads to the next in this journey of discovery.

If you or someone you know suffers depression, anxiety, panic disorder, abuse or addiction of any sort, or even no self-esteem or feelings of no self-worth, this study was written with you in mind. God thinks you were worth saving, and so do I.

These books are so dear to me that I want to share them with you in a special way. When I published the Bible study, I also gave the book a new look and issued a second edition. However, the first edition is still just as important. It just has a different cover. I had a few extra copies lying around, so I decided to give three people a very special, signed copy of the first edition of Walking Healed to either keep or give away to a friend who needs to be encouraged. Hey y'all, the holidays are fast approaching. Think about it.
Walking Healed second edition on the right. ©ShelleyWilburn
Isn't the cover awesome?
Here’s what you need to do to be included in the drawing for a first edition of Walking Healed:

Sign up below for my newsletter to receive periodic updates on new book releases and book signings. This is new to me too, so I promise not to blow up your email with messages. However, by signing up for my newsletter you will also be the first ones to get schedules of my speaking engagements, book signings, and juicy (okay juicy would be messy so no juice), how about exciting, random giveaway stuffs whenever I publish a new book. Who knows? You may also get a free eBook or some other goodies just for being part of my private email group! What can you lose? Well, maybe inside info, but hey it’s all fun!

Okay y’all for every person who signs up your name goes into the funky, Spunk ‘n Sass hat. Each one of my three grand-boys will draw a name on Friday, September 23, 2016.
So, three blessed individuals will receive a special first edition copy of Walking Healed. Sound like fun? I think so! But I’m also going to give you a way to double your chance of winning.
Share this with all your friends and get them to sign up. If my email list hits one hundred, or more, everyone’s name goes into the hat a second time You and your friends just got double the chance of winning!

Are you ready? I am! Just fill out the form below or in the right hand column of this blog, submit it. Then watch your email to confirm your subscription, then you will qualify for the drawing. After that, be watching on September 23rd to see if you win. My first email newsletter will go out soon afterward with information about the official book launch for the Walking Healed Companion Study and release of the second edition of Walking Healed. If you’re part of the newsletter, you may also get some inside info on some more goodies and giveaways set for that special day. But you have to sign up to find out.

Good luck and many blessings to you!

Walk Healed!

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