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Ya Che Kohan!

Hey Y'all! Shelley here. I'm so excited today because I get to host a guest blogger, for the very first time. I'm so honored and humbled to introduce you to a very special lady named Karen Dame. 

Karen is a very beautiful lady inside and out and has such a wonderful healing testimony. I have been privileged to have had her in my life for the past several years. When God said in His Word that He would give us beauty for our ashes (Isaiah 61:3), He gave me Karen. She is such a wonderful blessing, mentor, friend, and mother figure. One day I hope to talk her into allowing me an exclusive interview to talk about her healing experience. Until then welcome, Karen to my blog! I sure do love you, Mighty Woman of God!   

Ya Che Kohan!
Karen Dame

Karen Dame

As a child I would walk from my back yard, through the neighbor’s yard, to reach Grace’s house. She would sit on the porch of her summer kitchen where she would bake and cook. She had a fenced in back yard and I would follow the fence line to the field, walk to school then take the same path back home.

Grace was an older lady from Lithuania. She always wore her stockings rolled down to rest on top of her shoes, a cotton printed dress with an apron that had two enormous pockets in front. She spoke very little English, but that didn’t matter because I was considered deaf and heard very little. However,I read lips very well.

The aroma of her homemade bread baking would fill the neighborhood. As I would walk along the fence line making my way home from school, Grace would be standing at the gate with a loaf of hot bread for me to take home. Her face was rough and wrinkled, but her eyes sparkled and she had a beautiful smile. As she handed me the bread, she would say “Ya che kohan!” I soon learned to repeat it back to her. Dad would send me over with a basket of sweet grapes from his arbor and Grace and I would make jelly. Some days we would make bread or Golabki (polish cabbage rolls) or paczki (polish fried pies).

Grace showed me kindness. She had such a sweet, gentle spirit. She let me know I was important and just because I was broken (deaf) she loved me even more. She would take her rough hands, place them on my cheeks, kiss me on the forehead and say, “Ya che kohan!” She lived faith, virtue, godliness, perseverance and love. (1 Peter 1:1-7 NKJV)
So was my experience with Grace.

Well time has moved on, quickly I might add, and there are days I’d like to go home again. Now, I am the older woman. I pray I have touched lives as this precious lady touched mine. For I remember a time when I was lost and searching for that fence line to hold on to and follow back home. Seeking for and finding Grace (Jesus Christ) waiting for me, calling, “Ya che kohan!” Reaching out to my brokenness and loving me even more because of it. For when I realized how broken I was, I realized how desperately I needed Him.

Grace is always standing and waiting for you. Always softly, with great compassion saying, “I love you!” Listen, can you hear His voice? He’s waiting to fix your brokenness, to heal your hurts and disappointments. He’s waiting with arms open wide to receive you, waiting for you to come home.

“Ya che kohan!”

“I love you!”

Karen Dame

* Karen Dame lives in Southern Illinois with her husband, Tim and their fur baby, Sophiedog. They have four children and eleven grandchildren. Besides her love for God's Word, which shows in her writings, Karen sings gospel and plays classical music on piano. You can connect with Karen through Facebook, or contact her through email at

Shelley again; I hope you've enjoyed Karen's post today. Please show some love by clicking in the comment box below and leaving a word of encouragement for her. It's under the big, pink flower. ;-)

Love and Blessings!

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